Can’t see hotkey in view and remap controls (2)

This is a update on closed Can't see hotkey in view and remap controls .

I can’t see some hotkeys in view and remap controls, it’s truncated with “CTRL+SHIFT+…”.

Game Version:
5.0.23349.0 steam

The problem is related to windows keyboard layout.

Here my keyboard layout is:
Português (Brasil) - Estados Unidos (internacional)

In game it has key name “CTRL” and “SHIFT” in uppercase.
Looks like it doesn’t fit inside button rectangle then it replace key name by ellipsis (…).

When I change the keyboard layout to:
Português (Brasil) - Português (Brasil ABNT2)
It has key name “Ctrl” with only first letter uppercase.

The problem is that my keyboard is “Português (Brasil) - Estados Unidos (internacional)”, the other has wrong keys.

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Thank you for reporting @Alacn. I’m also curious if you hover your mouse over the truncated version, does it display the full key combination?

Problem with the language of the game - Age of Empires IV / IV - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum
in the windows version, on steam does not happen

Tooltip doesn’t appear for hotkey.
But it does appear for “x” with “clear”.

Sorry I missed that one previously, but I do believe this issue is not explicitly related to that one.

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Hmmm…ok. Not sure why those would have different cases. I (pardon my ignorance) believe the Português (Brasil) - Português (Brasil ABNT2) keyboard layout is fairly close to the standard American english version. We’ll check into this!

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And actually…looking into this briefly I think a fix should be included in the next big update. Please reply back here if you are still seeing this after the Season Three update. I’m not sure exactly when that update is going to drop, though!

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These keyboards has different positions for accents keys " ’ ^

brasil abnt2 keyboard has a “ç” key. it’s default brasil keyboard.

estados unidos internacional has no key “ç”, to type this char need press ’ then c.
it’s a english keyboard, that can type brazilian accents.

There is no rules for spelling uppercase “CTRL” in brazilian portuguese, it should be Ctrl like everywhere else.

I think someone put “Ctrl” from brasil abnt2 keyboard and “CTRL” from estados unidos internacional keyboard somewhere inside windows translation.

Hotkey hints works on public update preview steam version 5.0.23770.0.

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