Cant The Devs See Ottomans Issue Isnt Their Economy?

based on fear alone, then the Mongol units should be innately stronger than any other unit in the game.
Mongol Cavalry should have a Demorilizing effect similar to camels applying to all infantry.
Mangudai should have an ability to put buildings on fire, without the need of damaging them to low health.
Mongols should also be able to have several Khans. (+1 Khan for each age).

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What makes them most fearsome unit? They have kicked some …ses. So europeans have been feared by them. Also devs have made some units like.mangudai as joke. Jans will be cheap unit like mangudai by devs unlike history.


if you dont know they are very strong they have improved upgrades and so many people dont use it but their mangudai is crazy good unit mongols are the most powerful civ in the game in open maps ofcourse if the enemy puts a wall they get really hard time

How about letting the civs fully release, before making false accusations ?
Everything you see is clearly, not the finished state, and yet you rant like crazy.
Calm your horse, and give them time, jesus.


Then how about giving them what they deserve, not playing their game? hm?

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I’m sure the developers have taken note of the ottoman issue you raised, but your constant reposting of articles is just annoying everyone here.

If you manage to get what you want this way (Othman gets the buff), it will only ruin the entire forum by letting others follow your madness. So if I were a developer, I would ignore your madness and focus on other issues.

To be respected by others, you have to do what others respect, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re doing right now.


If I were a betting man, I would say I’m pretty confident the effect of the multi-headed hydra that is the jann fans/otto enthusiast(s) (?) on this forum is close to nil in terms of their pre-release “feedback” leading to any early balance changes.
Looking forward to trying Ottoman Empire out tomorrow though! I think they’re gonna be OP!

Comrades, I am going to ask you to please focus on the subject and avoid being disrespectful.

I leave the code of conduct for you to read.

I care.

Aoe 2 DE is probably the best strategy game ever developed…Neither AoE III nor AoE IV seem to have that success!

AoE III isn’t the best among them…AoE III is only most historically and logically appropriate one !
Games can’t always be %100 history lessons 11

I deeply respect AoE I , AoE II , AoE II and AoE IV developers greatly…They gave us absolute perfection with these games. Of course there are allways some issues here and there. But overally I LOVE AOE GAMES DEEPLY!..
Also I think Ottomans in AoE IV isn’t that bad after recent huge buffs. Only Jannizars are incredibly bad. But civilization is great with spearman rush , Feudal Sipahi pressure alongside with free units from military school. Castle age is also fine with few free mangonels…With some final touch Ottomans will be awesome to play. You will see bro. Dont judge Devs so hard like this…
Wanna play Ottomans and win games ??? Stay the fuck away from jannisaries and Great Bombards and you will be fine ! 11 Just use spihai + M@A + Xbows and some trebs and mangos thats your way to go with Ottos man . :smiley:

Absolutely i agree with you.

Developers should and will ignore emotional reflexes. But it is bright as sun that otto jans have serious issues. And like u said it is surely taken into consideration by far.

That is true but many people do not respect complains about ottos as well. I think both sides are overreacting in most cases.

People should&must respect the devs of this amazing game…Giving your concerns about issues is well ok but overdose reactions are generally killing the issues and getting everything worse. I liked ur reply btw.


Agree. Is it so hard to understand this is not a balance problem in essence?

Civ is not too weak after eco buff. It’s just too wrong.

Too much eco nonrelated stuff, too little military unit strength.


What is wrong with YOU ?

We have an Ottoman civ with no horse archer units. Enough said. Stop defending for f’s sake.

I wanted to avoid this as there were already too many things about Ottomans that I criticised but since you have put it, the music that is given as Ottoman has NOTHING to do with Turkish or Ottoman music.

This is also in line with Turks theme in AoE2. It sounds as alien as Aztec music. I dont know, it reminds me of Beduins or desert dwellers. AoE4 music on the other hand sounds like Ancient Egypt music to mee.

I have stated it in the comment section as well. Th

Here is 1 hour of Buhurizade Mustafa Itri for you:

Here is a nefes (religious music) : Şehzade Mustafa. Zahit bizi tan eyleme (Ful Version 720p) - YouTube

Here is the first military band of the world, mehter:

Civilization series always do a wonderful job representing it in any of their titles:

That is the right way of doing it, Aoe ones are the wrong way of doing it. Obviously no research, no enthusiasm, no effort. Whoever made those sounds sit down, 0/10 ! It would literally take minutes to see what Turkish music is like, instead the artist obviously went with the wrong stereotype in his head. At least Aoe2 is an ancient game (though they could fix in DE) what is 4’s excuse ?

Look, I see you are an idiot. So I will go over it simple and carefully. Sipahis were historically horse archers. They had lances too but horse archery was the most valued skill in a horseman in Ottomans. You analogy doesnt fall behind your intelligence in being dumb because French knights were lancers and not crossbowmen or musketmen. I made an entire thread about Ottoman horse archery, sipahis and akincis:

First and foremost I have two posts so I dont know what you are on about with this ‘‘constant reposting’’. One is this and the other one is this: Ottomans Lacking Horse Archer [Serious]
I also have some supportive comments in others posts.

If developers ignore the issue at Ottomans which they most likely will, well it is their game. If they dont fix it for the sake of racing piss with some forum users which dont probably cover %0,001 of their customers, well nothing good can come out of that developer team anyway.

How do I know you have read my post with #### #### ?
Because you think my problem with them is how buffed they are or how they fare against other civs.

Why did you read my post with #### #### ?
Because instead of understanding the frustration you prefer diverting to blindfolded defending. Ottoman civ doesnt have a horse archer unit, fuck the civ balance they can be the best for all I care. You divert to blindfolded game defending because you are a fanboy. I have seen likes of you in every gaming community.

You people are like zealots of a religion whose book has been called out for inaccuracy.

Ottos can be the strongest civ for all I care. If they dont have horse archery, if janissaries are cost effective alternatives of hand cannoneers instead of expensive elite counterparts, if one of the units have a never used skill no matter how strong it is regardless of it… there is a civ in our hands that I would criticise.

Ottoman armies and empire fell behind European armies and Europe because Europeans developed citizen soldier concept. They made pike and shot armies. Ottoman armies which classically mostly consisted of %80 cavalries with a core elite janissary handcannoneers and cannons couldnt deal with these formations so in order to even out Ottomans dramatically increased the number of handcannoneers which were… janissaries.

However janissaries were so expensive to maintain unlike their European counterparts that the empire bankrupted.

This game makes janissary the cheap alternative of handcannoneer.


Listen, they’re talking about history. That is, we refer to the historical component when it is beneficial, and ignore it when it is not? They wrote to you above that historically the Janissaries were not the strongest shooters, and there is confirmation of this, and the Great Bombard, if it had been made historically accurate, would have been 10 times slower or would not have moved at all. Many of the troops presented in the game are not historically accurate, or do you think that only the Ottomans thought of using several types of weapons? :rofl:

Janissaries were the first standing army and the most elite troops of the early modern era. Russian strelets were inspired from janissaries by Ivan the Terrible.

In late 16th century only they got corrupted and lost their upper hand in battles but that period isnt covered by the timeline of AoE4.

Entire community agrees on great bombard feeling underwhelming save for a few fanboys like you.

If you are referring to sipahi not being horse archers, that was my solution to Ottos not having any horse archers problem. They can make an individual unit called akinci and make them specifically horse archers.

This way or that, Ottos have to have horse archers. Period.

All things aside, the civ claims to cover Seljuk period as well. Seljuks without horse archery is as bizarre as Mongols without horse archery.

Lol is that so ? XD Why dont you t
Pretty much everything is true, may it be you that is the ignorant here ?
Janissary numbers were 6000 in Mehmet II the Conquerors time period. Even in Suleimans period which is deemed as the golden age of Ottomans they were merely 13.000.

Only after Suleimans period(1520-1566) the corps got corrupted and started letting Turks in. After that their numbers jumped from 13.000 to 30.000

In 14th century their numbers were in hundreds.

Since this game covers Ottomans until mid 16th century(their words), the inflated bad quality janissaries of 17th century and beyond arent within the coverage of this installment.

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i think ottomans are fine generally their unique units have flaws compared to other unique units,ottoman music can be change too but i dont find existing ones bad,their landmarks also dont look like exactly same but they are not awfull some landmarks are too big in real life so in game they will ocuppy a big area so be little understandable and when i look to the architectue of ottomans i see devs really listens the players who write on this forum.They made ottoman update to age of 3 i saw it yesterday and its amazing update for ottomans but it took them 17 years to make this change so im not expecting a change in aoe4 before 10 years for the ottomans but the civilization 6 songs are really nice for ottoman

yes you are absolutely right i saw that post about landmarks but for example how are you going to put the whole seagate castle in to the game its so big thing im trying to say they dont probably fit in game with %100 accurate architecture i assume they did this to other landmarks too they too probably not %100 accurate.

i totally agree with you i want their gunpowder inf. and siege weapons to be better like they dont have culverin its so weird but the great bombard is fine in my opininon everybody is playing it now lets see the other peoples ideas and im not talking about they dont have a horse archer thats super weird too i dont think giving them a horse archer gonna break the game.Well we are going to wait and see what the devs do
And if they add the part where starts at 2:36 to ottomans as music it will be really cool:Ottoman Theme - Atomic (Civilization 6 OST) | Yelkenler Biçilecek; Ey büt-i nev edâ olmuşum müptelâ - YouTube

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