Cant The Devs See Ottomans Issue Isnt Their Economy?

Literally the title.
I am sorry about the language but I really lost my patience after scrolling through the new update.
Apart from janissary taking bonus damage change all of the others are regarding economy or troop accumulation(quantity).

It takes 3 matches to be watched to see the issue in Ottomans. Go watch the last match between Kasva and Beastyqt.

Ottomans dont have any problems at catching up to the enemy economically or troop quantity wise.

It is that the civ feels completely soulless and armies melt like a snowball in an oven !

1- Sipahis need horse archery ability instead of soulless ‘‘fortitude’’ that noone ever uses in meta.
2- Janissaries need to be the most expensive unit in the game and they should be only countered with heavy cavalry charge or overwhelming numbers.
3- Great Bombard must live up to its worth. It should be a pain in the ass to produce and have the slowest rate of fire but it needs to devastate entire infantry formations and take down walls in a one or two shots.

Also a general comment: the meta with spear/archer openings need to change at least for some civs like Abbasids, Ottomans, Mongols, Delhi, Rus.


If you search soul of any civ, I suggest that play age of 3. This game is far betten than age of 4. I am getting to give up the age of 4 for these reasons thanks to devs wrong decisions.


I feel like the devs and their pro consultants observed more than 3 matches to balance their design lol.


bro thats the units you can create what are you trying to say there i didnt understand

wait for the release maybe it will be good who knows

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I am sure they have pros and beta testers and extreme ai running simulations and keeping a somewhat even win ratio for ottomans alongside all the other civs to maintain balance. Maybe try different strats with ottomans before you start freakin out!


If thats going to be the case, then Mongol Mangudai should clearly be the best Horse Archers in the game with SHIA-Limb bows granting them Longbowmen range!

Only thing that should counter Mangudai should be a well placed Mangonel Shot and defensive buildings.


These are the kind of ppl and post that I flame then get banned…

These kinds of ppl demonstrate zero understanding of the design process and just hope to bully the actual developers to diverge proper TEST AND SEE approach into “we, the loud-mouths, said we dont like why TF havent you change this already???”


Put it like this, at your work (if you work), if you had an advisor or 2 in your ear nagging you

over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and…

Wouldn’t that incessant dribble cause YOUR SOUL to numb and tune that ##### TF out???

Yet every 3rd day of the week yall open a new Otto/jans/spahi thread complaining about something that hasn’t even been officially released and bring in the several thousands of data point needed to substantiate needed change??


The problem is those pros/beta testers only test if the civ is balanced. There are more than one way to balance a civ. They are balancing it the wrong way. They give them eco bonuses or quick troop accumulation bonuses.
Whereas they are supposed to be a military civ not a boom civ/eco civ. I dont say this, they themselves describe them this way. Yet they buff them with eco bonuses.

Also when %80 of Ottoman army were horse archers (both sipahi and akinci), there isnt a horse archer unit in the civ. Fortitude sits there idle, instead of such a generic bonus they could give horse archery toggle-ability just as they advertised in the trailer. They took the lazy way instead.


What is the lazy road for you? Not making the balance that you like or not making civilization more complex?


Well you got something wrong there in the first place. They didn’t give them eco bonuses, they gave them military building cost reduction which is not a eco bonus. They’re entirely different things. The other adjustment they made(+50 wood) however feels completely out of context.

I would like to see that buff being replaced with something else ie. give them military school at start but limit ms production speed in the dark age at half or something along those lines. That would create opportunity for Ottomans to go for early boar(unless they’re facing English I guess) which would really synchronize with civs supposedly aggressive playstyle.

Who told you that it should be like this? 1) When should the Royal Knights of France shoot with a crossbow, or a musket?:joy: 2) Since when have the Janissaries become the best shooters, and not for example Streltsy, or Handcannoneer? 3) A Great bombard really should cause a lot of damage to everything, but it should move and shoot 10 times slower, do you really want this?

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I’m sorry but economy was definitely one of the issues lmao
i agree with the rest tho

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Everyone is an expert game designer and RTS balance designer lol. This was the forums for the entire life of SC2, and rarely was the community ever right. Normally meta changes and minor balance tweaks fixed things. Most often just meta changes did.

The problem is that the actual civ is lucklaster and any alternative is better that the current one.

yes guys we did what we can we showed the whats wrong with the ottomans lets wait release they will eventually gonna make the changes we talked about but it will take time

my problem here is not the balance because i can win a game without janissaries but i want to play them i want them to worth the price

without horse archers it isnt ottoman empire random civ that devs created thats all.

First of all he is talking about real history ottoman horseman are both expert in ranged and melee combat i suggest you to read this post:Ottomans Lacking Horse Archer [Serious]
a very well writen post about ottomans and horse archers

Ask this question to countless knights which buried under ground by janissary and horse archers

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Remember that time when people said this place is just becoming an ottoman echo chamber. It’s pointless trying to have a rational discussion here. People are simply abandoning it for the other forums. So all that remains are these fanatics that spam the same stuff, insult the Devs, insult the other members and continue to do so over and over

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one person is doing all of this i hope you are aware of it so dont blame all of us


Well, I will ask this question on behalf of the Strelets who participated in the battle against the Janissaries and won, even being in the minority. Why on earth should the Janissaries be stronger than Streltsy?

when we look at that time they were fighting at all fronts even turks cant defeat whole world but before that on one on one nobody dared to face them they accapted as undefeated they made the deals with strong kingdom’s kings making them equal to ottoman vizier ottomans was like a such power they crushed every oppenent they face at the time of the game pass until than their falling start but in the game period they were undisputed

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You accept or not Jans have caused so much fear than stresly to Europe. Yes Jans should be much stronger than them.