Castles for everyone!

The Lords of the West DLC added 2 civs to this game with a unique castle appearance. Now comes “Dawn of the Dukes” adding another 2 new civs also with a unique castle look.

In that case it would be appropriate to add a new unique castle look for each civ in the game.

Proposition of unique locks for each civ in this game (no unique model):

  1. Britons = Default Western European Castle

  2. Celts = Default Central European Castle

  3. Franks = Mont Saint Michel

  4. Teutons = Default Eastern European Castle (because resembles the Malbork Castle - Teutonic Order capital)

  5. Vikings = Hjularod Castle

  6. Goths = Kronborg Castle

  7. Huns = Huns never build castles. A model of their castle could be the ruin of a Roman castle.

  8. Chinese = Summer Palace

  9. Koreans = Gyeobokgung Palace

  10. Japanese = Default Eastern Asian Castle

  11. Mongols = Karakorum Palace

  12. Vietnamese = Hue Imperial Palace of Nguyen Dynasty

  13. Slavs = Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

  14. Magyars = Visegrad Castle

  15. Bulgarians = Baba Vida

  16. Lithuanians = Trakai Island Castle

  17. Tatars = Default Central Asian Castle

  18. Cumans = Sudak Fortress

  19. Burmese = Kanbawzathadi Palace

  20. Khmer = Default Southeast Asian Castle

  21. Malay = Brahu Temple

  22. Aztec = El Tepozteco

  23. Maya = Default Native American Castle

  24. Inca = Sacsayhuaman Fortress

  25. Italians = Default Mediterranean Castle

  26. Spanish = Castillo de Loarre

  27. Portuguese = Braganca Castle

  28. Byzantines = Kızkalesi Castle

  29. Berbers = Default African Castle

  30. Persians = Alamut Castle

  31. Saracens = Al-Ukhaidir Fortress

  32. Turks = Default Middle Eastern Castle

  33. Indians = Default Indian Castle

  34. Malians = in Sudano-Sahelian architecture

  35. Ethiopians = Gondar Fortress


I am agree with you :slight_smile: great idea


Yes, fully agreed with the concept !

Castle is the only unit/building without risk of decreasing the readability of the battlefield.

That said :

  • Mont Saint Michel is technically a monastery. Also on sea. Also do you really want Franks to build their Ligne Maginot of cheap castles as copies of Mont Saint Michel ? Hilarious to see but a bit weird.
  • Trakaj castle is currently Lith Wonder

Not sure castles should be directly based on a specific famous building (even if it could be inspired from them).


It is logical, but why would Berbers have a Malian castle?


Nice work man, I agree.


This game is getting old and we need stuff to change and this looks like a good change.


so what is going to be the new Lithuanian wonder?

Its always nice to have new things added but I really want correct hero skins for archer of the eyes and the mounted samurai more than a castle skin for japan any day.

The Summer Palace was built in the 18th century, and it’s just the emperor’s park, not a castle or a palace. Summer Palace is not suitable.

There were few castles in ancient China, China has large cities and walls, and the huge and complex city gates are similar to castles.

正阳门 Zhengyangmen can be the castle of China. It was one of the palace gate of the yuan and Ming Dynasties


Yes, this will be wonderfull to have.

What I would sugest:
Persians: Falakolaflak Castle
Saracens: Arg-é Bam Castle
Franks: Krak des Chevaliers
Portugese: Almourol Castle
Celts:Eilean Donan Castle
Byzantines: Kızkalesi Castle or Mezek Castle
Armenia : Yılankale Castle
Georgia: Akhaltsikhe Castle or Khertvisi fortress


The Castle of Bragança would actually fit more with the ingame tile radius for Castles, than Almourol.
It is basically a blocky giant Keep already, like most Castles in the game.


Gramvoussa would be the appropriate Greek name.


Gediminas tower or Gate of Dawn :wink:

I like the idea of each civ having a unique castle, but I don’t necessarily think they should be based on specific castles - especially since you typically build several castles per game. Some of the suggestions here are from the wrong time period or are not actually castles.

I’ve wondered about civs having unique monasteries as well. Currently every east Asian civ has an overtly Japanese one, while the Byzantine one is conspicuously not in the Byzantine style.


Great idea! Just one thing, I would propose the Chinese castle to be either a tower of the Forbidden City in Beijing or one of the main halls of the Fordideen City. The Summer Palace was a retreat rather than a fortress. Or Maybe one of the Main City Gates of Beijing could function as a castle.


Totally agree! I did not see your post before writting my previous post. I like this idea!

I do not agree with all the picked Castles but I agree with the idea. Should honestly come with a free patch, considering how few new graphical assets the last two DLCs added/are going to add.


Well, on the Aztecs having “El Tepozteco”: that’s actually funny, because El Tepozteco is a mountain near Mexico City :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Leave their current pyramid as their castle and we’ll be fine…

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On the note of custom skins per civ, one thing I thought was a missed opportunity with DE is to try to give every unit a (very) slight difference that make them look more like their culture.

I.E. Why does an Aztec M@A looks exactly like a Chinese M@A, etc…


This is the hope for the future, but I believe I’ll still be modding each civ to have exactly the units that I see fit.


This would be quite incredible. Also, nice work on the research :wink:

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