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  • PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux

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A housemate and I have been trying to play Casual Multiplayer since launch and have not been successful AT ALL. Choosing the LAN or ONLINE options nothing ever changes. We couldn’t even join each other lobby whether through In-game invites, lobby search (NOTHING EVER COMES UP), and/or through the disastrous Xbox companion APP (Invites almost NEVER work, sound may trigger but no notifications can be seen. So many useless tabs BUT where to see invites are unclear). Almost every attempt ends with “HOST REJECTED” notifications and the only one time it “worked” the game crashed IMMEDIATELY with a “OUT-OF-SYNC” error. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO INVITE/PLAY CASUAL MULTIPLAYER WHEN WE ARE IN THE SAME ROOM? WHY DO WE NEED TO GO THROUGH THE TERRIBLE XBOX APP???

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Create GAME LOBBY

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Friend joins lobby, ready, match begins.

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Bump @Microsoft any updates on out-of-sync issues are still occuring?

yesterday came an update, that fixed OOS and crossplay.