📌 [HOW TO] Find and share SAVE GAME and RECORDED GAME Files

One of the most valuable pieces of information you can provide when reporting an issue is a SAVE GAME or GAME RECORDING of the match or scenario where the issue occurred.

Doing so not only provides us with a clear timeline of the circumstances leading up to the problem you’re experience, but provides the unique opportunity for our Quality Assurance (QA) teams to analyze the file using their debugging software—which uncovers information about what happened during the match.

Here are some steps to help you provide these critical files!

:mag_right: Finding your Game File

Here’s how to find and share your save game or recorded game file:

  1. Launch Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.
  2. Click the ‘Load’ button on the title screen
  3. Click the ‘Open Saved Games’ button. This will automatically open an explorer menu.
  4. Find the file of the Replay or Save Game where the issue occurred.

:open_file_folder: File Extensions

Save games and recorded games will use the following file extensions:

Save Game .age3Ysav
Game Recording .age3Yrec

:outbox_tray: Sharing the File

If you’re unable to host the files here on the forum (as a new account), you can use a file hosting service to upload the file and share the link. Here are a few we recommend:

You can then right-click the file to generate a sharable access link, then you can include that link (and the file name) along with your bug report.

[chinese UI] Text prompt (提示文本) on Aferican unit
Another sceene stuck
Silk road map, shows you give up your coloney
India Professional Handlers card bugged with Sufi natives
Taken to the last level of Indian campaign (Company Confrontation) after Ottomans Fort
Villager occasionally get's stuck in Estate building
Bug on walls dont work properly
When playing on ultrawide monitor 2560px 1080p camera view go to the right after clicking on minimap after viewving homecity
Can't join multiplayer (Mod issue)
Exxplorer doesnt build trade post if i order
Some voice mistake (Chinese Language) in Japanese campaign of STORY MODE
Uhlan War Wagon Upgrades misplaced
AOE III - randomly crashes - no error
Servers are working badly
French villagers only have men
German Civ Dissapeared from all menus, I cannot play with this Civ
There is no assembly point in German mills
AI doesn't build Sacred Field
Trade monopoly victory active in treaty mode
Garrison bug still persists
Replay Speed
Villagers when running dont show corecctly their speed
Villagers still get inside blocao sometimes after building it
Town center dissapears on artic map
Difficult to enter a lobby for all players sometimes
Map balance
Enter won't Execute Delete
Winter Wonderland mod don't show after unsubscribe
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Mm still pops if tc is down
Starting match OUT on Large Silk Road 9476
AI building on top of trade route
Unit stuck in native village 11148
Multiplayer 4vs4 doesnt load
Steam Update Error - Requires Double the Space
Winter Wonderland mod is not working
Winter wonderland holiday map mod
China removed as an option to play with in multiplayer
Winter wonderland holiday map mod
New F up after apparent update to fix multiplayer issues
Brit metropol as been reset
Unranked lobby loads bugged map
Matchmaking stuck on "waiting for other players"
Map lighting is confusing in elevated spaces
Urumi Shield missing on Scenario Editor
Steppe Rider Shield going through Horse Model
Whales says 1 slot avaiable but is a lie
Ranking is Broken
Stuck Units Upper Andes Map Inca Villages
Egypt revolution card translation missing
Torps wood gathering bug
Grenadier Heavy Infantry Tag
Lost polar bear
Goraksha card what does it do? bug?
AI disabled during Chinese Campaign A Rescue in the Wilderness
Counters not rendered in challenges screen
Settings and hotkeys deleted
Ship Sail changes texture when damaged
Tutorial and art of war aren't under the same tab on the main screen
More Bug Reports
Ghudsowar instead of Oontsowar
Sabotage attack of japanese monk is not applied as card says
Bug on iu on ranged resistance on ranged resistance mode
Priestesses keep converting corpses
Uneven resource distribution on certain XL maps
Event Challenges Strings Bug
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Out of sync errors on 9476
Deers bugged on mine
20 musk get stuck on a stable
Buggy Narrator
The warrior ally of the Inca is wrong
A hole on the inca city wall
Repeated Crash observation - Building Destruction
Incomplete Chinese translation
Once i unassigned predetermined hotkeys and reasign predetermined hotkeys manually, doesnt work anymore
The other party develops more advanced trade routes, we can develop backward ones
No Player Colour on Arsonists
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
After update multiplayer game loading screen freezes for 5-10min
Bug multiplayer ranked second time, dont let me create and eject villagers, this game should be named age of bugs and crashes
Technology Tree displays Cards not Tech
Artillery foundary still crashing games ! + ENABLE AGE3YREC UPLOADS!
Battle for China: the wrong position
Sweden: Wrong number of mercenaries
The name of the Chinese Flag Army is wrong
No new unit flag for hosipital
Six player map but allow eight
QS is canceled
High GPU during ranked matchmaking
Bug on bolas warrior card, it does nothing
Japan Homecity reset to 1 from 31, no more custom decks playable
Missing translation
Aoe 3 DE BUG Portugese Nation missing
Allied stance label is "enemy" in some scenarios
Shadow campaign completed without playing last scenario
Ranked multiplayer games get stuck at "waiting for other players" then say "failed to establish connectivity"
Mines not spawning correctly on Saguenay
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
I lost all my units but i have ships and still i lose game. Campaign mode
Background music is missing after loading a save file from the campaign and maybe also from scenarios and other saves?
Another error but not translation(错别字)
Bit too much Higher Ground for the Inca
Unintended deletion of units and buildings in game
Bugged Treasure
Finns can collect on estates
[Merged] Issues with the display of the Hindi font in-game
Hindi Font Needs to be Fixed
Town Center Disappears
TC disapear, when reach age 4, bug not resolve
Nonahkee's faction in Rescue scenario from Fire is "zero"
I couldnt find my freind match to spectate
Spectator mode, match never start if players paused the match at start
European fort only a very small grey dot on minimap
Graphic effects persisting for too long when Fast Forwarding Replay
FPS drops on certain maps
Matchmaking Doesn't Match Correct Mode
Ui Bug when I mark units, they are shown below please fix
QS bugged, the Q is canceled every time!
Game crash
1x1 Screens mouse not clamping to window
Gunpowder Wagon Secondary Objective Broken - Battle of New Orleans
Permanent hp stacking bonus with End Relations/British Allies
AI & Trading Posts
Translation error \for chinese ui in inca
Plant pots for Academy War in the German Home City do not appear when unlocked
Population bloat bug
Random civs on custom games always end up mirroring each other
Tower doesnt atack
Start up page
Villagers bump each other and interrupt gathering when working on mills and plantations if they are more than 7
Royal guardian units upgrade IU is misleading, and people dont even know why they are called royal guardian units
Cavalry Models looking ridiculous after game ends
Wrong players positions, one player instantly defeated by spawning in the void
Raiders are smelling horse hair
Portuguese Cassador's defend mode animation bug
In Postindustrial Setting some units are marked as elite instead of champion (stats seem fine)
Graphique bug ing
Japanese progress wiped after completing the 4th Chinese scenario
Queue automatically cancelled and rank lost
Cavalry Models looking ridiculous after game ends
Homecity: No Points When Leveling Up!
I cannot build walls anymore
Block list deleted everytime after restart
English Voiceovers in German Language
After my trade post got destory,
The prisoner(treasure soldier, not the guardian )
Duplicate civilization?
Sharpshooter ability selects treasure guardian upon use
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Explorer stuck inside trade post
I can not build walls since the new update
Aoe3:DE Bug cant build anything or produce anything after game start
Report a Bug (Infinite card balancing)
Attack move deselects the Unit
Torps should say how many gathers per second
No info in game about what daymio aerea boost gives
Obstruction radius of opponent explorer prevents building at native and tp sockets
In-game cinematic stuck
Units unresponsive
No fort of king of hill on king of hill mode
Hindi UI Font is Terrible (Appreciable attempt though)
The Great lakes (Ice campaign): native houses seen as "trees"
Guardian treasures sometimes never attack indian monks but they attack other civs explorers
Disconection problems on FFA when only 2 players are left
Wins count as lost
Artillery units cannot switch between modes in campaigns
Home city background moves when selecting cards in a match
Sound doesn't work
Eagle Knights, coyote runner shock infantry ect
All my buildings are black
Report a Bug (revolution cards in deck)
Multiplayernames are gone
Game crash at launch
Fire and Shadow Campaign - Church has no ability to train priests?
Team inca bridges: Allied (non Inca) Chasquis cant build tp's
Crash du jeu
What the actual hell did you guys do to Scenarios?!
[AOE3 DE] Unable to choose civillization in custom scenario
Skirmishers, Archers and similair not dealing the correct amount of damage against Eagle Knights
Japanese campaign crash 1st mission after freeing farmers or attacking castle
The description of mod at mode page
Ghost Ship?
Unlimited build unit (indian)
The Flying Dutchman
Cannot destory ai's building foundation
Huaraca attack increase does not show in the UI
The Asian Dynasties Campaign Progress Reset
Confucius' Gift + Hill Castle breaks barracks upgrade options
Smart Queue Not Working Properly
Indian deck - ADMIRALTY (?)
Can't Join Friends Lobby's Other Players are listed as Numbers NOT Usernames
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Revolutionary units stuck inside Barracks
RANKED Quicksearch isnt working since last patch - 5 days now - FIX ASAP!
Bug on lobby no city home level
Fire and Shadow Act I Saratoga: AI does does not place townhall and Kuechler's army does not spawn whether delayed or not
Goats stuck in Cuvas
New failed to join bug
Icons appear twice in trade posts
Dragoon missing in french tech tree
Game Crashed when browsing the games
Haudenosaunee Home City Bug
Story Progress Reset to 0%
Crash to desktop when selecting a card "Mulino Tessile" in italian
Cant play with Steamuser Ranked
Central plain sometimes missing tp (3v3 games)
Game keep on crashing and crashing and crashing
Mercenary Loyality Card doesnt work on training cost of mercenaries
Online Custom Map Gameplay Doesn't Work
AI does not send resources
India Monastery upgrade- Crushing force, has no effect
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Chinese monk aura no longer works
Missing Textures on buildings and gold mines
Ranked Games Not Counting, and A Few Bugs
India age 4 card- Infinite 11 Chakrams. Has no pop limit
India Monastery upgrade- Crushing force, has no effect
Passive regeneration for Urumi not working. Gurkha still has it
Home City of the Chineses campaign starting at level 30
Campaign bugs
The ability/ functionality of playing RANKED Treaty other than 40 min has not implemented
Indochina gives Inca a Saloon
Animals go up the mountain
Upgrades in Chinese war academy disappear
Sacred field doesnt show xp generatation
Bug on monk tech that supossedly increase stomp chance
Portugese 85 food villager intended?
Crash during Campaign Mission [Bolivar's Revolt]
Herds ungatherable
Fixed Gun Disappearance
Having problems with mission completion/ acheivements sync
Art of War "Artillery" Number String Instead of "Victory is Yours"
Chinese translation problem
Name change for dog worrier/soldier
War art artillery vicroty sign 32277
Game crash at the ship/sea battle of war art mode
In-game cinematic stuck
Visual/apparence/skin for jinetes dragoon
"Invalid File or Directory" when saving game
Misaligned Text
Game crash + all softwares & windows uninstalled when pressing "deck" while in ranked queue
In-game cinematic stuck
In-game cinematic stuck
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] [Dutch] Envoy grouping and movement issue
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Online multiplayer games crash in 3v3 and up
Instant Crash on late large game *Spies* research
Game suddenly closes
Kamchatka missing tp in team
Spain Lancer upgrade is NOT correct
Hard, Hardest and Extreme AI
Cow surround town center?
Custom Map Lobby Bug
Bugs in Last City of the Incas (Act 3 Steel)
Back to Florida cinematic gets stuck (Act 3 Steel)
Bugs in The Boneguard's Liar mission (and weird models) (Act 3 Steel)
Im not sure if it is a bug
Casual multiplayer games freezing for all players
Hang in lategame team games (on siberia?)
[Aoe3 DE] [BUG] Cannot Invite Players to Ranked TGs
In-game cinematic stuck
Reunion cutscene stuck
Multiplayer games crashes randomly
Game crashed
Doesnt work unit transparency
Dutch Villagers Cant Build TC after getting a Native TP
Multiplayer units animations lag
Problems with saving Multiplayer Games
Ridiculous Gate Bug
Trying to get back into game when in Home City panel
Weird behavior of AI in Skirmish matches
Cows running from villagers?
[AOE4 DE] [BUG] Native Treaties / Native Warriors Cards Out of Order on Tree
AoE 2 & 3 DE wont let me sign into Xbox live
Ugly train route textures
Issues with playing with friends (ALL ON STEAM)
In the Japanese campaign, allying with the Dutch makes Portuguese-speaking Horse Artillery
Game is crashing on a Steel Campaign mission
Game freezes midgame
Screenshot hotkey not possible to change - overlaps with Steam (F12) which causes double screenshot and an extra "screenshot" notification
Error in unit information (compendium)
Games ends af Temples of the Aztec mission?
Strange Graphical Glitch in Art of War "Booming"
Cinematic Freezes after "The Rescue" mission in Ice Campaign
Camera zoom is not working
AoE3 DE Multiplayer taking forever to load
Villagers follow huntable animals off-map and get stuck
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Campaign Reward Home City Cards Crash Game - Broken Selection State
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
Game does no longer start up
Multiple icons for trading post
No clip on trading posts
Indian campaign fully unlocked when completing "Pirates!" mission in first campaign
Heartbreaking crash when me and my teammate used spies, over an hour into a game
Clan Creation Clunky
Several crashes to desktop today
Cinematic bug in "library of stone" after "into the caves" mission
Why do caroleans deal 1.5x damage vs eagle runners?
Native Lore Card, doesn't display the correct info
Shape/Outline of units behind objects not visible
Hotkey on heros on UI doesnt work
[AOE3 DE] [BUG] Troops getting stuck in the ditches, cliffs, Water, buildings & Native Settlements
RNG Map TC and TP placement not quite right
Dark map with Black renders
S&T Chinese, Japanese The font characters are displayed on the lower side
Town Center Disappears
The Korean translations are just terrible
Some Inca and Spanish cards are not active
Missing unit formation buttons
Otto vil numbers is 100
Annoying Narrator when logged in to xbox. Thanks Microsoft
Some bugs,
Deck builder removes the wrong card for China
Chinese imp upgrades missing
Crashing in the story mode deck builder
Bug, i cannot eat fatten goats from native post of sufis tech. Also two other bugs that are on 100% matches
Xbox Live Sign In Forgotten From One Session to Another
Units stuck in terrain during campaign mission 2 Into the Caves
Game Download Pauses After Complete
Deck is missing
New Building creation | Disppeared
Game crash at launch
📌 [HOW TO] Report a Game Bug
Cav Box is Back but with Explorer and Dopplesoldner
Town Center Disappears
Imperial Middle Guard tech : wrong age
Copendium pages need to be updated
Game freezes/locks up in the menus
The conch messenger caused the explorer to fail to pick up the treasure