Cavalry Archer Regional Unit

Cavalry Archer should be a Regional Unit.

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Want to make them like in AoE4? I can understand your intention, but I’m not sure about the balance of doing this.

Many civilizations that historically rare using cavalry archers often don’t have good cavalry archers in the game either. We show this by making it not fully upgraded (Parthian Tactics is one of the clear indicators).

If people want them to be more accurate, we can try to make those civilizations do not have heavy upgrade first.
If people want.


Idk if regional unts, but maybe some civs could lost the whole ca-line, like Franks, Britons, Vikings, Celst, etc…


Mounted crossbowmen for these civs.


If it’s not broken don’t fix it! Leave it as is


Leave legacy things as it is,thank you.

If someone wants to go down that path knights and xbows should get removed/replaced too.


Well all civs without Thumb Ring already have crappy non viable CAs, if they were removed those civs wouldn’t even notice it.
Just saying, not proposing anything.


How will it be different functionally?

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It would just be a skin change and renaming.Or elseits going to be a balance nightmare.


Slower reloading, better against armored units than cavalry archers. The West/Central European civs lose the cavalry archer entirely.


Were mounted crossbowmen actually a thing? How do you reload a crossbow on a horse?

I assume Cavalry Archers for European civs mostly represent mounted archers, who would dismount to shoot.

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I looked it up, here you go:


I don’t think this is a valid argument… Mamelukes not even existed but there you are…

Especially in the early Middles Ages, some European armies fielded a few mounted archers equipped in simple bows, so there was somewhat of a tradition of horse archery. European armies in the Crusades fielded troops of Turcopoles, who were Christian Maronites, Armenians, and Turks, which often were proficient horse archers.

Generally I think most experienced players know that Cav Archers are definitely not the strength of Britons or Franks, and therefore avoid them, so I’m not sure of the problem.

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Let’s not even get started on trebuchets


I was thinking about regional cavalry archers after release of Dynasties of India…

So if in theory we will get a new DLC with Jurchens, Khitans and Tanguts we might also get steppe cavalry archer as regional unit instead of regular one. Maybe it could have more speed and fire rate, but less health or some bonus damage against cavalry.

Also a cavalry archer scout maybe a cool idea — hunter scout, with some nerfed stats in dark and feudal age and then it can become steppe cavalry archer in castle age. It could kill deer and boars and they would not rot after.


I think the cav archers are fine as they are but at the same time I don’t get why (some) people want Legacy stuff to be left completely intouched. I’m not saying the game needs to be 1000% historically accurate but Ensemble makes mistakes as well, and at least some of them should be fixed (like Byzantines, Goths and Aztecs all speaking the wrong languages)


I generally agree. I don’t think Western European civs need to lose CAs, but I wouldn’t particularly mind if some of them did.

Definitely. Just for fun, I’ve been working on a proper Nahuatl translation for Aztecs. If I get time, it should be finished in a couple days.


I’ve been ghosted twice by Goth speakers trying to make a Goth speech mod

Isn’t it a dead language? It is well attested, which is why I want it in the game, but I didn’t expect anyone to call themselves a speaker.