[Challenge] Knight of Mediterranean - VATICAN CITY

Anyone having problems with this challenge #27 (Vatican City)? I can’t get through, I tried to send all the letters from the metropolises and nothing. I would really like some help please.

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οκ thanks Konahrik1140

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Yes, do you know ? How to solve ?


Creo que es un error de la descripción, en realidad lo que hay que hacer es enviar la tarjeta con 5 facciones diferentes.

Ejemplo: España, Italia, Alemania, Inglaterra y Malta.

La tarjeta:

Nota: no importa la cantidad de partidas.

I think it’s an error in the description, actually what you have to do is send the card with 5 different factions.

Example: Spain, Italy, Germany, England and Malta.

The card:

Note: the number of games does not matter.

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Port: Obrigado meu amigo, você é o cara.

Esp: Gracias mi amigo, usted es el hombre.

Eng: Thanks my friend, you are the man. :smiley:

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So last night I played a game as Italy and sent “unique” cards and only one counted. I just played as Mexico, sent unique, nothing happened. I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues with it.

Do we for sure know if sending the church benefit card 5 times is all you need to do?

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Ok, so I tested it finally, I played as Italy last night and sent their " Statuto Albertino" card, it counted. I tried playing as them again, it does not count TWICE. It has to be a separate civ. So I went to Malta and sent their “Papal Bull” and it counted. So I guess, if I play as Russia and send “Reformist Tsar” it should count. Now, I am assuming that if I send “Palace Intrigue” for the Ottomans, it will count, despite them having a mosque.

Sure wish the devs flat out said what this challenge did. Also, it’s CLEARLY padding.