[CHALLENGE] - Victory Screens!

[AoE3:DE] Victory Screen Challenge!

Today’s second and final challenge is one for those of you who love the thrill of battle: REPLYING TO THIS THREAD, post your victory screens in Age of Empires III: DE! Once we have accumulated 100 victory screens from all of you, we shall release another screenshot :fire: What are you waiting for?!

EDIT: Please note, this is ONE victory screen per person! If this changes, I will inform you all. Thank you for understanding!

EDIT 2: Fighting VS AI, doing easy mode, etc is all acceptable as well! This is accessible for all skill levels, so feel free to fight and play as you like!


I do beg your pardon but…Wot?

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I think we have to post the screen of our game after winning 100 times to get a screenshot revealed for aoe3

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Ah simmilar to the Hansa Home city screen shot?

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Correct :wink: It’s an exclusive.

You PERSONALLY don’t have to WIN 100. I’m asking everyone to come together to post one of their victory screens. Once it is accumulated from the entire community, we will post another screenshot!


Marvellous, it shall be so.

Quick question:
Do you know if there might be a deal that will allow you to buy DoTD + AoE3DE Africa DLC instead of DoTD+AoE4?

I’d much rather have a special price for purchasing DoTD + AoE3DE Africa DLC.


As far as any bundle packages, what is currently there is how it is, unfortunately. If any other new data or packages do happen to change, that will be announced through our usual social channels and news blogs!

Do we post them here or in the twitter announcement? Because both say “in this thread”

Either is fine! I’m personally watching over and counting them :slight_smile: So whatever feels best! I just wanted to give people the chance to post where they were most comfortable via socials.


How many percent of this screenshot is Ethiopian?

(you can’t write 50%) :wink:

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So it’s just 2 civs included with this DLC? was hoping for a 3rd.

Still wicked hyped.

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Rule Britannia.


2:40 hour op


Can one post more than one Victory screen shot to hasten the process allong?
Or is it more a case of all 100 have to be from differing individuals?



My answer is: do the challenge and find out! >:(


The image it’s edited because it’s a replay, but I finally won my first match against spanish opstician


Hmmmm… we were HOPING to have it be more of a community participation, but if things don’t move along too much by later today, I’ll reconsider.

Will see how things are going by end of day! Give it some time :slight_smile:

I’ll be helping to the best of my abilities in ca. 30min :smiley: Lets see if its still needed

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Hi Rin can i play vs easy ai defeat him fast and throw the screenshot ? is it gonna count ? :smiley: i mean not everyone is saving victory screenshots

Absolutely! Any victory is a count we will accept, even if it’s easy vs AI. This is accessible to all at any skill level :slight_smile: