Hausa Homecity revealed by devs

It looks sooo beautiful. Can’t wait to play it!


Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 6.18.00 PM
A short spear or a mace.


Huns and Teutons make sense at the same time in AoE2? Age of Empires 1 covers ancient era so its ok to have bronze and iron age civilizations.

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they make more sense than AOE 1 yes.

the dark age from about 500 to about 800 are complete water compared to the bronze age collapse dark age where writing disappear from large part of the world for 600 years.

To be honest Huns aren’t even medieval civilization or country their society collapsed and disappeared even before the official year when middle age started.

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this will be the music when africa civ attack The African Zulu Drummer - African Military War Drums - YouTube

they are still closer to the medieval world than the romans are to the Babylonians.

they litterally define the start of the medieval periode since they caused the west roman empires collapse.

Zulu and Hausa are two very different people:

Hausa Kingdoms


Well Romans did exist when Neo-Babylonian Empire existed it was destroyed 539 BC. While huns where already gone when medieval period started. Huns may have defined the start of medieval period, but it still doesn’t make more sense to put them there since units we have in game doesn’t make sense for huns. So saying Huns and Teutons together make more sense than Romans and Babylonians in the same game is weird.

Age of Empires I covers nearly 3000 (or even 3500) years of history, from the Stone age to the fall of the roman empire.

Age of empires II covers roughly 1200 years from 400ish to 1600.

Age III covers roughly 450 years from 1500 to 1880.

There will ALWAYS be matche that are historically impossible because the 2 civs did not exist at the same time (like the Lakota vs Aztec in AOE III or Goths vs Spanish in AOE II)


Homecity for Japan and India when?


Home City customization for Aztecs and Incas too!


Do we know if there might be a deal that will allow you to buy DoTD + AoE3DE Africa DLC instead of DoTD+AoE4?

I’d much rather have a special price for purchasing DoTD + AoE3DE Africa DLC.


Great idea.

A package should already be created for AoE 2 - AoE2 + 2 DLC (LotW and DotD).

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aoe3 begins at 1400s with henry the explorer, he dies in the 1460s along queen isabella who died in 1504. units like crossbowmen, caravels, and war wagons as well as the Aztec and Inca empire also belong in the 1400s.

it ends with the hole in the wall gang and annexation of the Hawaiian territories right at 1900.

I’m excited for the Hausa, it looks beautiful.


Also there is this now too

Definitely has something to do with more African civ screenshots imo.

That one is gonna take awhile. I’d help out but don’t have access to the game.

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They said today is the second and final challenge - so it will be (almost certainly) two factions: Ethiopia, and Hausa.

Personally I am okay with 2, since we’ll get campaigns and unique mechanics! There is always room for more later down the line.

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In this case, I hope that they will not present us with a screenshot of the Ethiopians Home City!
And then I preferred to see something other than Hausa Home City yesterday - that would then mean 2 more civs (4 in total).

What a beautiful city! They needed to fix the Ottoman units and architecture in this new DLC, not to get too ugly now that there will be a Muslim civilization with a truly unique architecture!