Change goth pop bonus from +10 to +5%

As the title says it would be nice to change the maximum population bonus for goths from +10 to +5%. I played some low pop games recently and this is kind of broken. Changing it to +5% would not affect the standard 200 pop games, but in games with higher or lower pop limits it is either completely meaningless or overpowered.

I understand that this will probably have low priority since the game is balanced around 200 pop games, but it could be a really simple change and would be nice to have.

(now i have written ‘pop’ so many times it’s starting to sound weird)


Actually, that bonus of +10 was set to 75 pop games
It is about 13%

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originally? yes
currently? no. the balance changes are all aimed at standard ranked play


you read my mind 111

I would rather delete them


I’ve always favored a change of this nature. Granted, I still have a chip on my shoulder from the power creep of Supplies and the proliferation of civs with super infantry/tons of units with huskarl-esque pierce armor that has led me to basically never pick Goths…but that’s an immortal gripe for another time. But yeah, on 250+ pop games this would help a little. If anything, I’d favor a higher percentage. I think 10 is too high, but I think 7 or 8 would be fair.

What, goths are very strong in teamgames already, I wouldn’t buff them ever
Goths are also by nature very strong on high pop settings like 400 pop etc. because they can spam faster then anyone in the game and actually reach that 400 number faster than any other civ.

source please. the only map where i see them do well in team games is closed maps ala black forest, and even that is debatable as by do well i mean “they were actually seen”.

show me a single ranked setting where 400 pop limit is a thing. after that, show me a single recent balance change done because "this is broken at 400+ population.


where? in noob games? goths is one of weakest civs.
0 eco bonus. look new civs like indians? all super eco.

dravidians? best infantry AND full upgrade archers.
goths? just infantry late game. but u never get there

old civis need buffs to keep up

Lol Dradivians dont have the best infamtry and their late game siege is very bad. They are comparable to Japan who are a percectly desigmed civ so for now them seem fine

And outside a few that are bad on arabia, most old civs are great


??? all their infantry ignore armor. they have op uu. and all upgrades

Thats not the best infantry bonus (not the second best either). And infantry is just niche in general, so unless they are better than Goths they should be balanced, and they dont have any advantages that could lead to a Goth like flood.

Just because they beat Berserks they are OP? They are not even top 5 infantry UU from what I have seen.

Zerks are still a better unit against most other stuff that isnt infantry too.

Theres only three infantry civs without all the upgrafrs.

You guys really shoud stop with the drama around this thing. Go watch Spirit of the Law video. It is fine.


u spread fake information about their pickrate in tournament:

go from wololo 1 to the rest


What are you trying to say? What fake information am I spreading?


at least admit u gave wrong info

Wrong info about what? I didnt mention any data


And when did I talk about pick rate in tournaments? Or are you talking about our Indians discussion in the other thread?

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I know the flaws of this type of tests, especially against archers and cav archers units, but come on! Urumis smply murdered all other infantry, even Obuchs (often call broken) and Samurai (design to kill UU) in equal resources test and almost all cavalry. They murdered Leitis, unit accused to be broken in meele, and even Keshik, unit equal to Cavalier and much cheaper! Custiler barely won, only deciseve won belongs to the Konniks, even Caphracts have hard time against them, the best unit in game in times of killing infantry!
And remember, Dravidians have also faster fireing Skirms against enemy Archers, and FU ignoring armor Halbs against cavalry. Combine those with Urumis, and you simply steamroll everything except heavy Siege.
Urumi seems to be too cheap for what gives, and his innitial stirke seems to be too strong against low HP units. Its basicly Shotel, but much stronger, tho slower.


yes sorry i gave wrong topic. want me post it there?

Wtf happened there

Well, nevermind. No idea what devs need to do with the unit but that was insane.

They seem fairly average stat wise tbh so it seems like the blast damage is just carrying them.