Change to Portuguese is exciting

Just the title really.
Giving a mediocre team game civ a strong team bonus is exciting. I look forward to seeing whether this makes Portuguese viable in team games.

If it works well, civs like Incas and Burmese could hopefully receive the same treatment.
If it works out poorly, I guess we’ll see some nerfs.


It’s the inverse incan team bonus for the farm upgrades, which is cool, but applying to everything.

The thing that I’m most excited for is the wood bonus. It could very well be viable to send an extra villager to berries and drop a villager from the woodline and have the exact same wood production as before, even slightly improved, and also get a food bonus out of it. I’m going to be fiddling with this bonus to see what I can make out of it, which is definitely one of my favorite things about early starting bonuses.

I think this is probably the first real early eco bonus the Ports have ever had, so that’s a thought.


Technically the faster researched loom earlier was thier only dark age bonus, but yeah this is a great dark age bonus

Loom + Wheelbarrow faster for all the teammates is really strong actually, it’s almost a vill faster (20 secs) for each civ. It’s a bit stronger than the former incan bonus (In the excel sheet I calculated this gives a 8 seconds faster booming compared to the incas 6 seconds). But then the Portuguese bonus is even stronger cause it’s affecting all the techs aswell, even those who don’t apply to the boom.


Why 20s ? isnt it 25% x (25s + 75s) ?

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It is (25+75)/1.25 = 80. So 20 seconds save.


the buff is Amazing yes, but what’s strange to me is that they picked Portuguese and not all similari civs. Like Italians which are very similar both in tech trees and in water focus and have similar problems and, of anithing, are not as strong as portuguese were previously and now cannot compare

Devs should at least try baby steps with more than 1 civ at a time…this round they did a try on burmese and portuguese, but dravidians, bengalis, Italians, sicilians, goths, etc etc…feel abandoned


As it is probably more fitting here I will post my fimp castle into feitoria Buildorder for ports here.
The discussion about that emerged from the other thread about the patchnotes.

The buildorder isn’t complete yet, it’s missing how exactly you distribute your farmers after they are done. The first 3 have definetely go to Gold to get enough Gold income for imping, but from that you probably can distribute differently. The last 2 I also used to make houses, so it’s actually only farmers 4-7 which can be distributed among Gold, Stone and Wood as you like. Same is for the 3 Vills you make in Castle Age. So in total you have 7 vills you can distribute over Gold, Stone and Wood as you like.
2-3 on stone should be enough for a Feitoria, 6 on stone for 2 Feitorias. Anything in between would allow you to just add the 2nd Feitoria a bit faster in imp, but not asap.
Note that in Imp Wood will be massively needed, so it’s probably the best to prefer distributing of your 7 free Vills to Wood over Gold (stone is depending on your decision how many feitorias you want to make). I think if you put 3 on stone and 4 on wood you should be able to constantly produce organ guns on your way up, but that needs to be tested. And I’m not sure if it’s really the best play, cause 1 feitoria isn’t enough to support a single TC vill production.

If you put more to stone you can add feitorias immediately and also make a 2nd castle faster, but if you put more on wood and gold you can make some more Organ Guns out while going up. So both have their benefits and downsides.

If you start with 4 deer, this time it’s an easy change, just don’t make the 9th farm and Send your 25 th vill to Make a Gold Mining camp instead of going to Berries.

Vill To Further Actions
1-3 Houses => Food
4 Food
5 Food
6 Food (Hunt)
7 Lumbe Camp
8 Wood
9 Wood
10 Wood
11 Mill
12 House => Berries
13 Berries
14 Farm
15 Berries
16 Farm
17 House => Berries
18 Farm
19 Farm
20 Farm
21 Farm
22 House => Farm
23 Farm
24 Berries 1 Forager to Farm
25 Berries
26 House => Wood
27 Gold Mining Camp
28 Gold
29 Stone Mining Camp
30 Stone
Up to Feudal Queue Berry Vills to Stone
Queue Sheep Vills to Gold (after finishing sheep)
31 Gold Make Market + BS (with Stone Miners)
Loom DBA
Up to Castle From exhausted Farms send at least 3 to Gold
The last 2 have to make houses
Send 8 Vills from Stone to rush up a castle when you hit Castle Age, queue them to a Lumber camp
Go up to Imp Bow Saw
Gold Mining
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And the next buildorder for 20 pop Double range archers.

It’s again an advanced build, as you need to manage pushing deer and Boars at the same time, but if you can handle this you should be fine.
It puts 5 vills on Berries which is imo the perfect amount for the Portuguese now, as it allows for a smooth farming transition.
The Castle timing of this build is quite slow, as you would expect from a 20 pop double range archers build. But still, it’s a 20 pop double range archers build with all needed eco upgrages and you’re never short on any of the essential res.

And also intersting, you basically need the Portuguese Wood bonus to execute this, it’s not viable with Dravidians as you would be short on wood while going up to Feudal.

Vill To Further Actions
1-3 2 Houses + Food
4 Food
5 Food
6 Food Eat 2 Sheep, then Boar
7 Lumber Camp
8 Wood
9 Wood
10 Wood
11 TC Food
12 House => Mill
13 Mill
14 Berries
15 Berries
16 House => Berries
17 TC Food
18 Food
19 Food
Loom Eat 1 more Sheep when having only standard Hunt
Up to Feudal Send 5 from TC to 2nd Lumber Camp
1 to make Barracks + Houses
When Hunt finished, all 5 to Gold
20 Wood Send 1 from wood to help building 2 Ranges
21 Sheep DBA, send 1 builder Back to wood
22 Sheep Blacksmith => Fletching
23 Sheep Start placing more Houses with your Builder
24 Sheep Horsecollar
Wood Start making Farms with the Berry Vills
Once you have made 3 Farns there, start placing Farms around your TC
You can add 1-2 more Gold miners if you plan staying longer in Feudal

You can also make DBA right away when reaching feudal, then you would just delay the 2nd range and blacksmith a bit.

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Because they had to give them a new team bonus after the LOS change.


They could have just replace the TB with other TB like they did with Incas. Instead they put a civ bonus as a team bonus, and they add a brand new civ bonus, and a dark Age eco bonus! That’s far beyond that

I think this is a very good set of changes overall. I agree it is at the end a strong buff, which stresses the need for a buff of other civs.

But the buff to portos is still amazing to me


I actually like that. I woud like this especially for Civs that aren’t the best in TGs currently.
Portuguese were kinda ok-ish in TGs, which ofc also came down partially to the former TB, but ofc also due to their Gold discount and Siege. Sometimes even Feitoria, though in TGs the situations for Feitos are more specific, but it’s an Option other civs just don’t have.

I think this can be seen as a test if making certain Civ Bonusses TB works. Cause if this TB doesn’t Overpower the buffed Portuguese in TGs, it shows that it can be used to tweak the civs that currently kind of struggle in TGs by swichting their TB with one of their Civ Bonusses.
For me the first civ that comes to ming here is certainly Byzantines.

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Even Vietnamese could have a similar switch making anamy TC location a team bonus and Imperial Skirmisher a civ bonus

This now IS a Team bonus already :wink:

That looks like a nerf for me tbh
Do Vietnamesse need to be nerfed?

Ofc you could make the archer HP a team bonus, don’t know if this the reight call. Imo Vietnamese could receive a slight general buff, not necessary for TGs only.
Vietnamese is tricky, as there are some of the best players who make them work way better than us plebs on the ladder.

But that potentially has also something to do with the drafting system. Vietnamese are an anti-archer archer civ, so it’s a good pick on all “archer” maps. It’s not necessary strong on Arabia.


Faster working Range for Vietnamese. Britons can get Petard +25 HP as a new TB.

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well, i LOVE that. i was merely saying that portuguese were not immediately tought as weak, they were average/below average and strong on water, which is the case for other lackluster civs like Italians. so i was advocating to give the same treatment also to other civs, making them a bit stronger

like Italians could get

  • 20% discount on age up (from 15%)

  • 25% discount on docks and university techs (from 33%)

  • fishing ships discount 10% from 15%
    other bonuses stay the same

  • Pavise moved to imperial age, made a bit more expensive, and buffed to be +1/+2 to make italians archer really good in that armor niche, and also help condos

  • Silk Road moved to castle age, made a bit cheaper, and affecting all team members

  • Elite genoese upgrade slight buff (+1 MA? +5 HP?) or slight cost decrease, as it is basically a skum atm

  • Condos +1/2 bonus vs eagles

I love Viets. But their team bonus actually isn’t very useful, since in team games thanks to trade u can always have gold, so it’s not so frequent to see imperial skirmisher for every team member.

Instead, the enemy TC location is formerly not a team bonus, so the Viets player see the enemy TC locations, but the allies not. So You have to flag every location to allies.

I think that switching these 2 bonuses won’t nerf Viets at all.


Besides thie, imperial skirm is a lackluster teambonus because you need to pay for the upgrade. Other “shared units” teambonus doesnt have this problem. Condotiero and base genitour are available for everyone if they want to use them. Genitour are a trash unit but can be good because higher speed. Condotiero is good if you havent upgraded your militia.

Imperial skirm requiree elite skirm in first place …

The thing is that, with the shared LOS, you dont need to switch both bonused anymore because their team can see what they see.

Which is nice because in was sick of pinging enemy position several times per match.


This is common sense, not a nerf…

Nobody train trash units when you have access to trade and infinite gold, the same goes for the genitour. Only the condo make sense as a shared unit, as their stats and the fact that is a replacement for the champion makes so that its actually useful.

If only its a buff for your allies, as they can directly see the enemy TCs, without relying on flaring the position, which is something that depends on the player rather than the civ…

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