Changes the game needs

Changes the game needs.

Here are some balance changes the game needs, in my opinion. Remembering that I was elo conquer in all seasons, and I am also in team games.

General changes.

Buff professional scouts. We know he is useless and needs affection.

Change in naval balance. Today the only civs that can really fight on water maps are hre, russians, chinese and english. Perhaps Abbasid. We need more strength for Delhi, French, Ottomans, Malians and others.

Nerf in trade. We know that commerce is very broken in games. In 1v1 matches it is very strong with Mongols/Malians. The problem really comes in team play. When there is a Malian on either side, either trade is denied or it’s game over. The collection rate is completely high.

Civilian-specific changes.


I don’t believe the English need change. A nerf would only be necessary if the other civs continue a bit lower. One option would be to nerf the farm collection rate. Whereas they’re cheap and safe, and you don’t need to transition in the mid-game.


After the last changes like the 2tc nerf, it looks like they got a little weaker than usual. A tip would be to reverse the tech chivalry nerf. This way the knights will have more freedom and aggressiveness to raid.


It needs a buff on its special units. War and Tower Elephants are bad. The first one was never used, maybe it needs some area damage. The second one, after the nerfs, has very low HP. 600 hp for 1k resources is bad.


I don’t agree with the latest buffs received by Malians. Cows are a very good food source. 90 gold for 500 food. There is no reason to make farms for example, or even to put cows in a pasture. Farimba is a very good landmark. Maybe a nerf? I don’t know. We need more time to test before any changes.


I believe they are in a good place. Just like Malians, they need more time for testing. That way we’ll know if it needs buffs or nerfs.

Holy Roman Empire

Your Landsknecht are horrible units. High price makes it bad. Maybe they need to be cheaper. Perhaps an increase in piercing shield?


It needs a few more tweaks. A civilization that manages to do two age ups in 5 minutes has something wrong with its economy. Chinese are still an economic powerhouse and need maybe one more nerf. Empire official gold rate? Maybe. Nerf in the barn? Perhaps.

Abbasid Dynasty

The Abbasids need more affection. Your unique units are pretty bad. Camel archers might be good on occasion, but the other camels are bad. Perhaps an increase in your armor? It might be a good change.


They are in a good place. I don’t think it needs tuning, at least not yet.


Need urgent buffs. Russians today are the worst civilization in the game. After several direct and indirect nerfs, the civ was in a very bad position
Direct Nerfs. streltsy. Palisade. Sheep Prize.
Indirect nerfs. 2tc. Relics. Wolves.

This set made the Russians far behind. I believe the nerf on the sheep was a mistake. The first change to make is reversing this nerf. Then let’s see how things work.

These are changes I wanted to see as soon as possible in the game.

I put here the link of another post I made, regarding bugs and exploits to be fixed urgently. Support to make a better game for everyone.

Thank you all. I hope that somehow the developers see this.


These are great points, I agree with almost all of them.

Regarding trade I believe the best change is to make so that the neutral trade post doesnt spawn in the corners 3v3 and 4v4 maps so they dont bring as many resources and nerf trading between regular markets so people are more encouraged to use neutral trade posts despite the spawn change.

I 100% agree regarding water balance. I think chinese in particular are very strong on water, but it may probably better to buff the weaker civs on water rather than nerfing the stronger ones because china and hre naval strength comes more from their land eco.

Another general change we can go for is having the Horse Archer become a common unit, so it’s used by civs that historically deployed archers on horseback like the Chinese and Ottomans. Perhaps, as the Horse Archer becomes a common unit, it can most certainly have increased HP but costs Food and Gold instead of Food and Wood.

So let me throw my 2 cents in here, I’m a malian main, let me tell you that their trade is far from broken, mongol trade is the trade that is broken, being able to age up with a landmark market that gives all resources and also can produce 2 at a time with a 15% speed buff and reduce cost in traders??? yeah thats broken.

malian trade is as overpowered as you think, lets just for instance say im playing 4v4, the biggest map size, I will use the trick to cut my distance in half, now if they are carrying 400 gold, i now have to walk past 5 outposts to get it, do you know what someone with a brain does… they put a stone wall infront of the neutral market, now i have to invest into all siege or rams to get my trade back.

also farimba is just a burgrave except its research times stay the same as barracks and such, the units need gold to produce, once my safest gold is gone i have 2 choices, 1 go on trade which can easily be raided if i havent invested in alot of walls which slows down my economy and aggression for a good while or 2 i venture out for a gold further out and let me vills become easy targets, these units are not cheap, food is infinite, gold is not, if i cant reach any gold and i cant setup trade then that landmark becomes useless.

the cow landmark is a joke, the mansa quarry is a glorified pit mine, actual trash.

now the cows, they harvest at a good speed, but im having to invest almost 100 gold per cow to get 500 food, now if im using farimba then i need a ton of vills on gold to support cows and units, if i make them out of normal production buildings i now need to have people on gold, spend gold on units and spend gold on cows, you make a 1 time purchase of 75 wood and have that for the rest of the game, i usually have to spend 90 gold every minute to make sure i have food and the more vills i have the more i have to spend so it equals out, if anything they need buffs, even their trade landmark is good at being defensive but the arrow range is terrible.

by all means I love the civ, i just dont want them to be nerfed into the ground because people cant seem to counter them, literally all of their units get countered apart from sofa and javelin throwers by archers, they made archers relevant.

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if you trade with a team mate and you trade with a neutral market and they are the same distance away you will always get more resources from the neutral market because its riskier in a sense so yeah, no nerf needed

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I agree with what I said, and really the market is not something broken, the merchant is very strong for all civilizations that focus on him, I see it as a late game resource, however, good when done as soon as possible, a person runs to have the early market has a very bad start where enemy players who use scouts correctly create their counter game easily and win easily

I think it’s wrong and it’s also much easier to say that something is broken just because it takes us out of our comfort zone, but the RTS genre is made for that, real-time strategy, both have their strategies, but depending on the enemy, we have to change ours to do better and take advantage of his flaws too and that’s why beginner players have more difficulty in rush attack

malians have a good trade? gold and meat per tower (limit 5 or 6 towers)
Mongols have a good trade? cheaper merchants and buf in move speed
Ottomans have a good market? high move speed and 10 defense (4th age)

everyone has their benefits, everyone has their strengths, we just have to know what to do against certain civilizations

Have you ever played as Chinese vs HRE? Your suggestions are perfect recipe for a disaster.