Changing Madrasah

I normally see no purpose to research it if I play Saracen, but by the time I make a castle I am starting to phase out using monks and do not have many left alive, you need to have 3 to break even and 4 to make a gold profit from it, but I also do not normally place a castle right when I reach castle age and delay it, instead make TCs

Ok, with some other buff focus in buff the monk push maybe

There was a tech for this in AoE I called sacrifice which would give an instant conversion upon deleting a monk but it was very expensive and difficult, and because of that nobody ever got it.

Monks are still useful in the late-game for Saracens because of the Mameluke’s high cost. And you need all the gold you can get to keep them alive so they can fend off cavalry.

It is a very stong strategy and it doesn’t need a buff. But they could make a Wololo themed event for AoE II: DE.

To be fair, magyars lack a proper counter to late game goths. They lack hand cannoneers, they have champions without plate armor (same as goths, but much more expensive since they have no discount) and are basically forced to rely on heavy scorps against massed infantry, which are clunky and expensive to use. A mixed infantry flood of huskarls and halbs (plus champs if needed) cant counter everything magyars have.

So spending +100 gold with Mamelukes 85 gold cost will fix the problem?! Man, Mamelukes need actually to reduce their gold cost and Madrasah need to be replaced. Interesting ideas about the Saracens

Look i made an interesting topic about this you would like to see

Magyars have a full Blacksmith, they just lack squires.

they lack plate for infantry

Hah I actually remember getting that tech, but monks were stronger in AoE than they are in AoE2 in my opinion, or they seemed that way anyway, I think there were some units that cost more than monks to make you could cheese with the tech cannot remember for sure

I also do not make Mamelukes very often either and make archers and camels more often, for those healing is not worth the cost for me and I don’t continue to produce monks after I am done getting relics and army size gets above about 20 units, unless the opponent is Persian or another civ with strong elephants then I might make them for longer, but I don’t think I have ever used monks for healing with any civ besides Teutons before, I might try it once they patch the game and I can play without crashing again 11

Wtf, literally never noticed.

This title goes to Japanese which has 33% faster firing halbs fully upgraded. Goth can spam a lot but thats about it. When ur unit dies fast it doesn’t matter how cheap they are, because u will lose ground overtime.

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I don’t know about this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen goths lose ground before they run out of resources, they can stay pop capped with 3 barracks even if they’re losing units in droves

Monks were better in AoE I but it is impossible to manage a large economy in that game especially since the AI sends units in every direction and pressures your town from all sides even on Easy difficulty. And I am pretty sure there isn’t a tech similar to theocracy in the original.

Well, you don’t really want to go infantry with magyars so it’s understandable…you still have a good chance to win before getting to the late game, but it gets tough if you let goth advance to the later stages of the game. Still, I am getting a bit too much off topic here…

But then Goths units still die faster. By the late imp the one who pushes the line forward are those who has lower unit turnover. When one enemy unit manages to kill 3 of yours, thats the sign that your units are not great, even with op spam.

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I don’t know where Goths come this topic from but Magyars good counter to Goths. Scout Rush or Fast Castle boom. Heavy Cavalry Archers does 1 damage but Magyar one does 2 to Huskarls. Don’t care your Hussars, make 80-100 farmers. Cavalry Archers can take Infantry easily except Huskarls. After winning battles or taking Goths attention to elsewhere you can raid with Hussars (spreading them enjoyable). You can do this with Saracens but they have generic Cavalry Archers and generic Hussars so not that enjoyable.

About Madrasah, I don’t think civilian techs are good (for example paper money). A balanced military buff can be good. Saracens has good military so I think something defensive can be good like Castles does more damage against Siege units (Old Persian Boiling Oil basically but better version without stone cost).

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Magyars have discounted Hussars and have Paladin and the best Cav Archers, so they have good enough options against Goths.

They also have a Trash UU, which ups it’s power level by a lot.

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Good luck against a flood of halbs and huskarls…

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That’s why I said LATE game goths

I said you can have 80-100 farmers and spam Hussars. This can’t be done in early game. Maybe scout rush makes confusion there but whole paragraph about fast castle boom and which units to create.

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