Interesting ideas about the Saracens

The Saracens civ get a classification in the game as Camel and naval civ, and they a UT about monks which is Madrasah (Monks return 33% of their gold when die) and it is completely useless like (Orthodoxy with Slavs), actually i think any UT relative to monks is useless and should not be in the game except for a free bonus, but lets now complete talking about Saracens, so here is my suggestions:

1-Replace the Saracens team bonus by Madrasah and remove the +2 foot archers damage from the game.

2-Give Saracens the Arabian horse UT which make light cavs, hussars, knights, cav archers regenerate health 20%. Why? Because the Arabian horse is the best horse in the world and the devs didn’t give Saracens anything special about this.

3-keep the Madrasah and replace the Saracens team bonus by (Saracens CA have +2 attack vs cavs)

So what do you think?

I’m 100% against Madrasah as a team bonus, imagine Aztec monks with this. Completely OP.

Arabian horses are fast, not strong at all, and cumans already have that speed bonus.
So historically, it’s not good to me, but who cares ? What matters is gameplay.
I don’t have anything against regen, except that it has already been given to other civs, so not very original.
And “20%” regen doesn’t mean anything. Do you mean per minute ? Why not copy the berbers regen stats then ?

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What the hell are you talking about man?! Monks play is not OP at all whatever the bonuses is, and who cares about team games?! The team games are broken and stupid anyway.

2nd thing yeah the regenrate is like the Berbers one and it is not OP at all

Actually monk play is strong in early castle age if someone is good at it(especially with aztecs), madrasah just starts too late for Saracens to use it for anything in almost every game - normal people not so much but if you play someone that has practiced monks with control groups it is horrible to go against with small military numbers like early castle

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I don’t think replacing the Current Saracens team bonus by Madrasah is broken at all, and you don’t want to spend hundresds of gold to see your monks die even if you will get 33% gold back

Monk rush, with proper micro, is very strong. Aztec with this would be unstoppable.

You are suggesting this as a team bonus, ofc I think about it, and do care about it.

During conversions, there are always “losts”. With this not only you will deny enemies’s armies, you will get your own AND you will get a part of the losts back. It’s way too effective - with aztec - to be balanced.

End of story.

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Well you only took and talked about making this UT as a team bonus, so what do you think about replacing it with the Arabian horse tech and keep Saracens bonus the same?

I prefer replacing Madrasah with something and buff the trash Memelukes.

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Another UT for Mamelukes doesn’t make sense, the Mamelukes as a unit is fine, just reduce the gold cost or give it +1/+1 base armor and +5% speed