Changing Samurai to a cavalry unit?

If the mounted samurai ever gets added as a second UU, I would hope it has a different name so they don’t just have a UU called “X” and one called “Mounted X” lol


To a point but most tend to have much smaller anti-UU bonuses and strike slower even before the Japanese bonus.

So in a situation where the samurai is in melee vs a UU it should do more DPS vs the UU than these other units.

Like this idea, but I think that it should be additonal uu and not replace infantry samurai.


I agree. Or put samurai as a UU in Barracks

I don’t think champions would see any play if samurai were barracks units, on account of samurai having better stats, being easier to upgrade and I suppose the UU bonus dmg (still hard to make use of but hey it exists).

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Yes. make it like Condottiero which maybe no need to upgrade, more experenise with UU bonus dmg but weaker stat which only can be produced in imp.

Or like Slinger which is only viable in Castle age

Or like Winged Hussar which upgrade from Two-Handed Swordsman

Or like Shrivamsha Rider which completely replace the Militia line

Or like Serjeant which can be produced in Yasama turrent.

There is tons of option developer can rework but keep the Samurai


Why you want to replace land samurai. Add more unit to all old civilization if they feel lacking than remove the classic old units. Old is gold ya know.

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That would mean 5 unique units!!! No civ in this game has more than 3.

Yes in beta no civ in this game has more than 1 unique unit
in AOK no civ has more than 2 unique unit

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Soon there will be civis with only uus.

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It will be even more funny if this special treatment is given to a tiny civ like Serbians or Armenians.

Slippery slope

Not sure whether Gurjaras is tiny or not

I think you could give them the Konnik treatment.
Have the Samurai be a cav archer with low frame delay (famous for shooting while riding) and once it gets dismounted (killed) stand up as the current Samurai.
This preserves the old UU, makes them usable and would be 100% historically accurate.
If you wanna be really fancy give the mounted pr maybe both versions the ability to switch melee/ranged, though from playing with the Ratha I found it to be super annoying to use.


Gurjaras is huge, larger than France and Germany put together.

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It’s almost like you could still break every India civ even further.

If anything dravidians could be 3 civis tops.we dont need 20 indian factions.


This is a reallly good idea

Any time anyone suggests a unit that becomes another unit it’s called uninspired even if the transformation isn’t from cavalry to basic infantry.

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Samurai could replace LS onwards, with just the elite upgrade in imperial. Slower to train than champs with much better stats.

And the UU at the castle could be a mounted daimyo that trains even slower.

FU HCA already represent mounted samurai.

The same way Persian paladins aren’t actually meant to be paladins. They just represent super heavy cav.

The same way saracen hussars (with wings) are not polish winged hussars, they just represent excellent light cavalry.

The same way so many things in this game just represent something instead of actually meant to be that thing (insert almost every single American unit, including eagles)

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Yes, well and good but we can surely do with some appropriate skins or the mods from the devs to reflect these representations. Thats what we are asking for humbly.