Changing Samurai to a cavalry unit?

the extras should be left to mod. the dharma expansion is an excellent mod for this

So… what if samurai took half damage from UU as well?

All damage down to the bonus damages vs infantry and the Leitis style ignore armor.

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It will make it very complicated to describe the unit.

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I don’t think they need to lose infantry samurai. I do think their unique techs are very situational though. I would much rather see a unique tech similar to Anarchy so that you can mass samurai from barracks.

Is it really so complicated to add a line that reads:

Takes half damage from unique units?


I think it should align with Bengalis and Sicilians

Land military units (except siege weapons) receive 33% less bonus damage
Elephant units receive 25% less bonus damage and are more resistant to conversion

So that it would be receive 50% less damage from unique units

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I think you can’t do this with the engine. You can reduce the damage received based in the armor classes that taker unit have, not the attacker.

Yes there are actually two in-game case that add the 0.5 multiplier to the after armor damage, which are Hussite Wagon and missed arrow

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