Cheats cheats cheats!

Game Version: Actual (30th of May)

AoE2 DE - Playing MP, matchmaking (RANKED GAME)

Infinite resources, extra upgrades, aegis from start and beyond anything you can imagine.

You can find the recorded game of one of those games here:


Cheater profile going up in the ladder:

■■■■, its getting worse.

Quite sad… Wasn’t so bad since last years of MS Zone …

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Credit to Slam for not giving him the attention he wants.


Well yeah there is 1 guy and he seems very active.

maybe he is big brain human who has an intellect superior to all living beings on Earth

Alright for real -
There’s most likely a bug with the Khmer civ that allows this, I will try some ‘exploring’


111 just lol I cant stop laughing

Report back when you are number 1 on the ladder :smiley:

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Fat black pig is a well known cheater and currently sitting at top 25 rank in 1v1 ladder. Noone seems to care in devs team

to be fair first his profile shows he started cheating today.

Check here, recorded his game couple of minutes ago, he is top20 now haha

Now we know what they meant with their easter special


looks like this is the cheat, use of trainer, maybe devs can see this and fix it!!!

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Dude, thats only for singleplayer and doesnt adress the real multiplayer cheater. Think and read before posting

dude check in my video, options from this trainer are active on his online ranked game, somehow after new patch this trainer is working online. just look at his infinite resources.

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Of course the content is similar and created by a hack tool, but not from an open scource programm thats made for single player.

TheViper somehow defeated him once
TheViper > Aegis+Infinite resources???

He disconnected, thanks DE!