Check if player military unit are all dead

is there a way to check if military units for a certain player are all dead ? i tried to use current population but the condition check if at least i have the given number what i need would be more “equal” comparaison

Here’s three ways you can do it:

Last one works if you only want a certain area, although you could make it cover the whole map.


all those conditions check if “there is at lease X amount of unit”
for example if i set quantity to 0, it’s not military_pop = 0 but rather military_pop >=0
i think it need a “equal, less” dropdown

Own fewer objects, like in my second screenshot? And if you look closely, both the first and third screenshots have the “Inverse Condition” box ticked, which gives you the “less than” effect.

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ah good catch the trick was to set quantity to 1 and not 0, it works now with “own fewer objects”… thank you :smiley: