Check your steam - PRELOADING is AVAILABLE

Personally, I already have a pre-download of the game available! I have already put it on download. The only strange thing is that it weighs little - only 27 gigabytes


Noice, downloading now. It also says 27.8GB for me but it’s also possible that more will download following its official release.

Surely cannot be that small?


Preload also started on Gamepass, about the same size.


Now it is already possible to install an additional texture pack in 4K. Perhaps after installing it, the game will weigh 50GB.

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Nope , in MS the game will weight 93 gb, meaning that the dlc will weight 40gb more . the oficial game will be 50 gb including documentary videos and decompressing the full game , because the think that you did downloaded it’s just a compressed version of the game , not the full one.

How do you like the new avatar of the game? Personally, I think it looks worse than in AOE2 and AOE3. In addition, it is not clearly drawn (soapy). Of course, I understand that the book is not judged by the cover, but I think that for $ 60 it would be possible to make a better avatar.Снимок экрана (11)


Also , can you see what it contains the 4k pack? Any screen shot? I’m curious :eyes:

The Technical Test Stress one was better. This one seems to try and emulate the UI graphics of the game but it looks a bit ‘cloudy’. Can’t say I like the game’s UI, for that matter.

I really want to send you a screenshot, but the site does not load the picture. I don’t know why. I’ll try again

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Lol , I am really intrigued rn.

If this is really a compressed version, will it be necessary to download more files on the release?

Probably. They are just letting us preload a few of the files it seems.

Yeah probably , probably the documentary’s and more



The site does not load the screenshot)

upload it on imgur or something and just post a link?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Huh it seems like a 4k video pack.

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Personally, I won’t download it yet. I want to see how the game will look without 4k textures