Cherry Orchards and Mango Groves should be Gaia resources

In DE we have prospector wagons to give actual mines, shipments for a whale, and berry bushes and trees spawned at torps, yet cherry orchards and mango groves are still ugly square buildings.

The orchards and groves should be actual resources owned by Gaia. Cherry Orchards should just be a cluster of large pink bushes, and Mango Groves a stand of trees.

A more consistent way of shipping natural resources could allow for more options for its use. Cards like Coffee Berries could ship a small grove of berries to make it actually useful on any map.


I prefer the square form, they fix better in base (Karni mata for example) and vills can work easily on them.

They are that way cause they arent natural as minerals found in the underground

They could still be an overall square shape with the same footprint without being an ugly, player-owned building.

There is no reason for them to be different from something like a salt mine from the Berbers.

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I think they are fine. People can build gardens so they still make sense.

But I hope we can gather the others’ cherry, mango, mill, estate, rice paddy, hacienda, etc.
Similar to the farm in Aoe2, if we can expel opponents’ villagers from opponents’ building (meaning no opponent’s villager is working or garrisoned there), we can task our villagers to harvest on there and turn there into our own buildings.

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Making them Gaia would allow for this. You can still gather from allies’ mills/farms so it’s not entirely absent from this game.

Yeah it always felt weird that you can’t gather cherry orchards and mango groves of other players but I guess this would be broken in treaty.

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I agree with the main idea, it is like that in AoM with farms (and literal Gaia trees) as well and it works fine

Orchards and groves are human made. Besides they have a fence around them. Its not made by nature.

Argueing they should be gaia because copper mines are (which are not man made in the sense of the copper not being created) doesnt make a lot of sense, then just make copper mines from wagons civ specific aswell.

I think the idea behind this is that any player can harvest from them. For example: I destroy the base of the Japanese, I will be able to harvest from the cherry trees that are abandoned.

This gives me an idea that the mango and cherry carts should be captureable so that players can’t explore with them. Japan basically starts with 3 explorers.

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With that logic everything should be capturable, why wouldnt your people be able to use enemy houses? Because of some color?

Its an investment from the player to ship the orchards and or groove. Besides, Japan doesnt have any other source except berry bushes, which arent always there or safe, if anyone can gather at them then people could “steal” food from the orchard.

And at the time you destroyed your enemies base, do you really think you would need to use the orchard? The gatherrates are way worse then hunting and farm.

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I certainly don’t think everything should be capturable. Orchards are not equivalent to standard buildings. They contain a set amount of resources and expire after those are depleted just like any other natural resource. They shouldn’t be a building that gives line of sight and is accessible to only one player. The farms of allies can already be used so it would be reasonable that anyone could also harvest these resources if given the chance.

Agree with this, but they are Ok asthetically