Chill Black Forest

This is a random map of black forest where there are no animals (nor wolf), which slows down your food economy. Only forage bushes are available for early food. You will need to farm early to get your food income. There are even more trees, making it even easier to defend your base. A map for bad players and noobs, and for those of us who like chill games before any fighting happens.

That’s cool.

I almost think you could measure a player’s expertise levels to their food sources:

  1. Sheep, berries, and farms only
  2. Sheep, berries, farms, and milled deer
  3. Sheep, boar, berries, farms, and milled deer
  4. Sheep, boar, berries, lured deer and non-dark age farms
  5. Build order

Your map adds level 0 for chill
0. Berries and farms

The whole point of the map is slowing the game down. Make a wall in the tight spaces, make a lumber camp, make mill near forage bushes, and then farm. That’s the darkage basically.