China AI bugs

AI that plays for China never builds Great Wall Gatehouse and thus does not go to Ming Dynasty. AI does not get bonuses from Ming Dynasty (health reserve of military units +10%) and does not get access to unique Grenadier units.
I think this is a very significant problem. I think we need to open access to Grenadier by default without entering the Ming Dynasty and give the bonus health reserve of military units +10% only for AI. Or how to make the AI to build a wall and then Great Wall Gatehouse or at least part of the wall (as it is done by humans for defense).

The AI does not use Imperial Official’s Supervise ability.
The AI also sends one or all Imperial Official to the Barbican of the Sun or TC garrison instead of him collecting taxes.
AI does not use Imperial Spies ability in Imperial Palace
AI doesn’t put Relics in Pagoda’s garrison

After a time.

@NovaFox9121 @Cobaltdragon913 Can you please take a look … Pls