China is back with Song Dyn boom and “Zhuge Nu” rush into NOB spam. Finish with mass Grenadiers if you have to.
. Feels good to play China again!!! its not OP devs. REALLY its not. Let China have some time in the sun for once.

Not sure what point you are trying to make. Chinese got nerfed this patch.

Supervision: Nerfed.

Fast song: Nerfed by adding gold cost to IO → -50 wood in Age I because you need a mining camp now. Can no longer skip mining camp.

Song Dynasty effect: Nerfed. Village is now unlocked in Tang but costs 25 more wood. No one builds village before going to Song Dynasty if you go for fast Song.

Granaries are not worth building. We did the math already. Granaries are scam.

Nothing about Chinese got better this patch if you play the same build as you used to.

Edit: Pagodas are bugged aswell. They are barely better than just researching Tithe Barns upgrade in Age IV. And fun fact Mongols even have an upgrade for Tithe Barns. I wouldn’t be surprsed if they got close to or even better than what Pagodas give you. And keep in mind Chinese doesn’t have mapcontrol when they get to Age III because they are a reactionary civ.

Source: I tested it myself: Tithe Barns doesn't work on Pagodas and Pagodas generate no gold from relics


But have you considered the bees not being nerfed with the mangonels?

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LOL , beastyqt is No.1 Ranked player.
And He win more Tournament .
Please use logic.


China #1 pick in team games.
Mass grenadiers has no counter. bwhaha Early game Zhuge Nu. strong AF.
1v1 its little better but China is making a comeback there also.


China is a difficult civ to play optimally and is less forgiving than like French for example. However China in capable hands have always been (and still is) DECENT to strong (map dependent).

Village got a nerf/buff; nerf by increasing the price; and slight buff by unlocking it sooner ( can protect your gold mine for early raids before song).

Granary got nerfed mostly, but with wheelbarrow ( a standard tech upgrade at some point) 1 twelve farm granary is equivalent to 13.2* farms around 2 mills which is “about” the same price. But I guess it still a slight buff also b/c Yuan dynasty was already a rarity and given how late it would before it was unlocked all your farms (if not most of them) were already established and you weren’t gonna delete everything to start over?

Same with pagoda; ming dynasty pagoda in terms of total resources generated was stronger than pre patch HRE Regnitz Cathedral…But again by that time IMO the bonus was too late; if you could afford to go to ming then you probably already have a health set of resources coming in.

China Feudal, if we “agree” to play feudal, can boom with the boomers and can scrap with the scrappers. With the nerf to mag, China Castle palace guard/NOB is the last man standing with the legit siege infantry comp. And china still has the best bombards in the game (even though the meta has shifted to walls/keeps trebs??)

All in All I’d like if China was allot to make 3 more villages or the price be significantly reduced to 75! wood (150 wood savings! broken?). Like for the Granary to go back up to 15% gather rate; or change to the number of granaries on the field boost all granaries gather rates by a progressive amount; or like someone else; have the number of granaries on the field boost all granaries DROP-OFF(100% efficient buff) by a progressive amount. And lastly change the Pagoda to gives 25 more resources across the board (125g 75f 75w 75s)/min.


I have to agree on these points…

They have not done anything other than making china ■■■■.

First FL was nerffed because of team games / casuals because they couldn’t deal with them and now is completely dead unit.

Then chinese siege was completely butchered followed by IO butchering.

and all in return they have given unique buildings earlier which no one uses early on and are too big of investment.

I thought they had plans of addressing stupidity of dynasty but they just made it more stupid. Wp devs wp. What about fixing tax collection?


China still op with seige and units need a nerf on there grenadiers units now devs