Chinese civ doesnt make any sense

Why did the devs decide to add “Chinese” as general civ?
It is taking a wider scope than it was in the medieval period.
The Chinese dynasties were not united as one nation until the “Ming Dynasty” overthrew “The Mongol Dynasty”.

For example, Before “Ming”, the “Song” would be in conflict with “Xi Xia”, “Jin”, and others. But the devs kinda decided just to add Chinese and gave it a dynasty system (which doesn’t make any sense). Moreover, in the Dynasty system, “The Mongol Yuan Dynasty” is included. It is a historically inaccurate depiction.
If the devs want to add “Chinese”, they need to make it Dynasty Specific. But it cannot have a dynasty system as they fought against each other.

Finally, “Delhi Sultanate” is a specific period instead of “India” as general. So it is not fair!


Of course it doesn’t make any sense but microsoft wants chinese money, that’s why the game has no blood, corpses and cartoon feel…

Hell, even sc2 has blood and nice animations


Well, said!
About blood and gore yes, I Agree
They focusing on a bigger age audience.
However, kids buy the games using their parents’ card so it won’t increase sales dramatically xD

你认为为啥是 德里苏丹国 而不是 印度 。我也觉得奇怪
I think there is something wrong with your opinion. China’s unification and division run through history. In the age of Empire IV, the Chosen Dynasty is a unified era in Chinese history, which is in line with Chinese history and current thinking.

Delhi’s Sultanate, not India. I feel strange, too


It makes perfect sense based on how Chinese history actually happened. While there was a lot of war, and dynasty changes, there were dynasties. They are very much a core aspect of Chinese history. Which dynasty is active at the moment in your game is based on which dynasty currently controls the capitol of China and gives bonuses accordingly.
The thing I find annoying is that the chu ko nu crossbow unit is called repeating crossbow.


Delhi sultanate controlled much of india in the middle ages they come the closest to unifying India.

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It was like this during the medieval period before Ming Dynasty.
And then the Mongols conquered all of China under Khubilai Khan.
Then the Mongol Dynasty was overthrown by the Ming Dynasty.
This is why the Chinese civ needs to be dynasty-specific.
Before The Mongol Yuan Dynasty, it was not united at all. They were divided and fought against each other. Sometimes, cooperated with the Mongols to overthrow each other.
Ming is the best option for the Chinese.
But the Chinese cannot have a dynasty system because of their division and conflict with each other.

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I know what you mean. You mean Tang, song, yuan and Ming Dynasties are not coherent times.

But games are games. In this game, Dynasty is not Tang-》Song-》 Yuan-》 Ming. It is to choose different dynasties in different times. (this is how the official video and introduction are introduced.)

So the problem of Chinese civilization is not Dynasty system, but Dynasty system, which is more like a name for a science and technology tree.


Also, the Chinese have only two Unique units From the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. (originally Song but adopted by the Mongols). This one is a Fire lance (a cavalry unit with a spear, a fire lance is installed on the spear). Hwacha is the Korean unique unit that was adopted by the Mongols as they conquered them later before any Chinese dynasty. Thus now we have basically two Mongol civilizations as Chinese is basically based on The Mongol Yuan Dynasty. You can find this civ-specific information in “Fan Preview” far left. That is why it is not making any sense. They should have made Chinese more of a Chinese, not a Mongol.
The Dynasty system is more of an Aging system. Instead of the Dark age, feudal, etc.

They have mongols as a second asian civ
Id like to see more civs like Spanish and Protoguese, since they played a major role in medieval times. Conquering the new world, enslaving europeans and then africans.
“The number of black slaves in Portugal given by contemporary accounts argue that Lisbon and the colonies of Portugal averaged a maximum of 10% of the population between the 16th and 18th centuries”

Would be nice to have this piece of history inside the game, since it played a huge roll in medieval times

I don’t think I can communicate with you anymore.

Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty. I don’t want to talk about it. After all, it’s not about the game anymore. Don’t discuss yuan and Mongolia with a Chinese unless you are Mongolian. It’s too complicated.

There are Koreans among the producers of the game. Even so, China can still produce a NEST of bees. Korean people do not deny or argue, what qualifications do you have to say…

Maybe the Korean Magic Arrow is more powerful (laughter)


I think the cartoonish graphics are choosen to target a younger group of players, to provide an even larger player base, since older players are already hooked simply out of nostalgia.

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I think this post of so called SubotaiMGL guy is really ridiculous.

  1. This series of Chinese dynasty did not begin from Song or Yuan dynasty, ok? Why not talk about Tang dynasty? Tang united the whole of china proper for 289 years (618-907 AD)! During its perk(roughly 630-680 AD), its territory stretched form china proper to the Mongolia steppe and a large part of central Asia. I will show you the map of great Tang empire as following.

  2. Why cant Song dynasty represent China? As your map showed above, everyone can see that Song dynasty already unite about 90% of China proper, although losing half 5-10% territory of the northern provinces, and occupying by far the largest part of Chinese population. SubotaiMGL, seems you dont konw what is the meaning of China proper? Just Google it!

  3. I agreed that Yuan dynasty should not be party of Chinese dynasty. But even in this situation, Chinese lost nothing! Because everyone knows that Mongols invent nothing! They even had not characters before Genghis Khan stole the Uighur script! All the gunpowder units were invented by Chinese since the Song dynasty invented the gunpowder and the first firearm in the world (a bamboo gun, you can google it)!

  4. Hwacha was not Korean invention. It was a kind of Chinese invention called huo xiang che(火厢车). Here is a link of a BBC/American Discovery documentary film , this western historian had very clearly showed that this so called Hwacha or its origins type was Chinese invention.

Or you can search this documentary film in YOUTUBE called ancient chinese battlefield/weapons

In the film above, you can see that Chines invented a lot more weapons as these western historian said to “conquer the barbarians”. 火厢车/Hwacha was just one of it.


See this link, it is the greatest extent of Tang empire in 660 AD. Such a vast empire, why do you think it have not the qualificaation to represent China, SubotaiMGL?


Hey SubotaiMGL, I gave you all the information with citing now, argue me with that, or stop ■■■■■■■■!

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Mongols don’t invent much because their culture is about adopting. That is why and how the massive cultural exchange and cultural diversity happened during the Mongol Empire. Many historians don’t understand the true nature of the Mongols. They are adopters.

The Chinese Dynasties in the medieval period were not consistent often dividing and being conquered. This is why I am telling that the devs need to be Dynasty specific as each dynasty before conquering all had conflict against some. The Mongol Yuan Dynasty is one of the dynasties that conquered all of China. That is why I mentioned it. And during its reign, it introduces harsh laws against Chinese people and collected more tax than any non-Chinese. Many many, Chinese and other foreign soldiers were forced to go to the army as they will be at the front. China lost a lot of people during that time and you say they didn’t lose anything? What a joke you are.

The “Tang” issue is, it only covers the Dark age of AOE4. That is why I didn’t mention it. This is why I suggested the “Ming Dynasty” as it will cover all of the Chinese regions and will have a Dark, Feudal, Castle, and Imperial age. It is not just history but also the game.

About, “Hwacha” all of the sources I can find are stating it is Korean. I don’t know they should discuss this with historians, not me.

That actually made me chuckle a bit. They won’t show even blood and you expect slavery? :smiley: Even AoE3 is censored on that.
But I agree that there’s a lot of bread if they actually wanted to show something

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I don’t know, when I was 10 I was already playing wolfenstein,doom, commandos etc. Normally kids prefer easy games like fornite, minecraft more than RTS, also those games are free

I dont think fortnite is an easy game, maybe im just bad at shooters :D.But i kinda see ur point

I hope to see a more diverse spanish faction. They were always a divided people. They only banded together because of the Moors. Basque Swordsman, Catalunian Crossbowman and Castille Knights and pikemen.

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