Chinese civ questions

I am an old Chinese player.Now,I must tell yours the question!!!
Bug:Chinese update units in the War academy have a bug of ico
Civ Balance:As we know,Chinese is a timing country.So,As an Chinese player,we must know enemy what they want to do!Looking the Chinese update time:need 5min at least!
Looking the other country only need 4:00-4:15!
Someone will tell me:Why the Chinese must send 3 settlers card.Because If Chinese can’t send it,Chinese will have so weakly resource!
Someone said:Chinese OldHan army only need 255 Food and 180 Wood can be created.72.5res/unit.It’s so Cheap!.But,first Chinese slowly to update.Second,Chinese army is weak in age3.Third,Chinese is weakly against the cavalry!OneOldHan army(3Chukonus and 3QiangPikeman),losing agaist the 2 Hussars.In the game:wood Speed is 0.5,Food speed is 0.84(hunt)so,60 wood≈40Food and 40 Wood.
So,my suggestion is:
1:Qiangpikeman Damage from 7 to 8,HitPoint from 105 to 110
2:Keshik Damage from 8 to 9,Hitpoint from 110 to 120
3:Chinese 2Flamethrower from age 3 sending to age 2 sending.2Flying Crow from age 4 sending to age3 sending.Why?Because the Sweden 2 Light Cannon is age 3.European have 2 Falconet.
Thanks very much


I think it’s a huge question!

I absolutely love these balance changes you suggested, I think you are absolutely right.

I like the flamethrowers suggestion, nice comparison with swedes. Idk if one flying crow is equivalent to a falconet tho, I think they are more powerful but I could be wrong. I think a great way to give them a chance vs cav in mid game and even kinda late game, is making manchu available to recruit in monastery with the 9 manchu unit shipment

Thanks very much
Do u know the Flying crow have a big bug
If Enemy died,The Flying Crow will go to full CD!
You can try to do it!
I think,Flamethrower can become 7Damage,5Xagainst Infantry.Not 5 Damage 6Xagainst Infantry

Thanks for you liking

I play a lot of China, and I have to agree that quality of life in Discovery age is pretty low. You want 3 things but you have to choose 1. You want a fast age, you want a TP, and you want a 3 vill shipment.
If you’re luck you can get an early 80+ wood treasure and life is good (you get 2 of 3 now). 1 TP + 2 vills or 3 vills without chopping wood means you get a decent age-time. Otherwise, you have to chop 80-90 wood which of course slows your age time by 15-20 seconds.

This is part of what makes china hard to play. All that being said, china like other asian civs, gets to build vills while aging up, and china has Summer Palace, which is a unit factory worth ~4 vills AND it comes with 400 food, which can either turn into units or food needed to get to age 3.

I personally don’t think china is underpowered. Small buffs to their early game anti-cav does seem reasonable, so that they can’t get beat by pure cav. Otherwise, I think that any quality-of-life improvements in Discovery Age should come at a cost.

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China is already too strong as it is
Also the point of their units is that they are weaker but cheaper, so they can build a huge cost effective mass!!
Also the Chinese age 3 is ridiculously strong as it is!! Even though your units are weaker you can easily overwhelm your oponent with a bigger mass even if the oponent has better economy!!
Just look at H20 vs soldier game where ports had a huge economy from fishing boats and still lost cuz china can still spam stuff despite having a far weaker eco!!
Dont forget they get hp buff from brit consulate and carded aequebusiers are equal or better than skirms