Chinese Mastery Path of the Spirit After Update

My version is 5.0.20249.0

It reads “Construct The Spirit Way Landmark and research all upgrades within it.”
I have tried this multiple times in different scenarios.
Tried several times going through dynasties before upgrading.
Building it alone somewhere not near any other buildings.

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Sorry I missed this @LordHavok5722! Are you still having problems with this after the newest patch (23349)?

yes, after trying 10 times i finally gave up and started a different mastery series.

maybe ill try again now

Started in Age I

  1. Built 3 Villages

  2. Barbican of the Sun - Song Dynasty

  3. Imperial Academy - Song Dynasty

  4. Imperial Palace - Yuan Dynasty

  5. Astronomical Clock Tower - Yuan Dynasty

  6. Spirit Way - Ming Dynasty

  7. Great Wall Gatehouse - Ming Dynasty

Did all upgrades within the Spirit Way
Won with a landmark defeat
Still no mastery completion.

I can confirm having the same issue since a couple of days. Tried it in multiple matches, still no mastery completion. How many Upgrades are there within Spirit Way in total? I think I was able to do three of them. Or are there more?