Chinese monk aura no longer works

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The monk has the aura circle but doesn’t affect the disciple

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. research the aura upgrade

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disciple atk should go up

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it doesnt

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This is an intended change, due to the aura being incredibly bugged in the original game.
The relevant tech has been adjusted to grant Disciple bonus permanently - regardless of proximity to monk.

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But it’s stat is bugged now . It’s half effective now

It’s not bugged nor half-effective. It’s just changed to not be an aura, because the aura itself was severely bugged.

It not being an aura is actually a buff in most scenarios, because you don’t need to keep the Monk close anymore.

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It’s actually a huge nerf dude , earlier it use to boost like 30% of stat now it’s just 10% . It’s not a small difference . U r right it’s not half effective , it’s about 1/4 effective now .

And ur reason doesn’t make much sense , u need ur explorer anyways to train them. So keeping explorer near is was never a issue at all.

U r not gonna send them to raid villagers , they can’t kill villagers.

Please learn how aura work in this game .

Please learn about this game . Play china first before making that comment .

I’m well aware of how auras work. The effect was 10% on TAD, just like it is 10% now. Not 30%.
It is true that since auras don’t work off base stats, the effect was stronger in practice, so on second thought it’s not really a buff yea.

Anyway, like I said multiple times, the reason for the change is that the original aura literally broke the game. It was completely broken and affected all Chinese units in recorded games, regardless of whether they were Disciples or not. That’s why we had to remove it from the game. If the DE devs figure out a way to fix the aura on a technical level, perhaps they can bring it back some day.


Dude it was just visual bug in recorded game , it doesn’t affect game play . It never affcted gameplay ever

Please larn game man , u don’t know difference between aura and tech .

It was 10% aura in tad , in age 5 with upgraes it would give u 23.6 extra hp with one explorer , which is effectively 30% of base stat of 80 .

Now in age 5 u only get 8 extra hp which is 10% of base hp .

In every age it’s a nerf . As u goes in age this nerf gets bigger .

So finally it’s 1/3 effective late game , the more tech , more upgrades u get , it get worse

a way to fix the aura on a technical level, send the second monk(ypmonkchinse2) in age0,the bug is missing。we just send the second monk(ypmonkchinse2) instend of the first monk(ypchinesemonk) in age0