Chinese monk bug

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any game mode

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  • GAME PLATFORM: Steam e
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

after researching training forms tech from monestry , chinese monk get the monastic aura a passive ability , that boost nearby disciple attack and hp by 10% , it even give chinese monk an passive ability icon .

even in tad it was an aura and aura of two monks use to stack.

1 .but in fact this traing forms tech just boost diciple stat by 10% attack and hp of tha BASE STAT like a tech , not boosting overall stat like and aura .
2.chiese moink passive ability is just not working at all , it doesnt matter where ths monk is deiciple will not get any aura effect and that 10% tech (not aura) is applied everywhere on map regardless of relative position of monk and diciple.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE


  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

this tech was suppose to give chinese monk an aura that boost 10% overall stat of diciple and aura of two monk should stack .

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i do know that the aura effect has just been made global and not an aura due to a bug that can happen with it, I asked about this when it came out and it was confirmed that it was intended change.

I did not know it was supposed to stack with two monk actually, might want to explore restoring that

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its not a aura , not a global aura at all .

i think developer messed their codes , aura work on total stat , tech work on base stat , this is just a tech not a aura , and aura of two explorer use to stack before they messed the codes in de

so basically diciple has two tech one boost stat by 20% and one by 10% of BASE STAT , its non sense to make two tech doing same thing in temple .

listen in aoe3 the mechanic work this way

every unit has a base stat that is age 1 or age 2 stat of that unit , and tech and cards give % of base stat as not bonus .

aura give u % of ur final stat as bonus .

i think some lazy developer change this aura code to a a tech to make it global . but he messed the whole point of aura , and yes aura of two explorer always used to stack in this game for a decade.

see the screenshot , stat before and after this tech , it act lik a tech , not a aura

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Let me rephrase this.

In DE, it is no longer an aura and just a stat boost, that is intentional. If you look at the description of the tech itself, it no longer says anything about an aura but I think it was a flat 10% stat increase to disciple. That change is intentional. The aura has had a lot of bugs in RE and the devs decided to just make the change rather then deal with the bugs that the aura caused. I already asked this way back when DE first came out and they already replied.

The description might need to be further updated but the text describing the text no longer make any mention of an aura.


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digging up the old bug report

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It’s description sound like aura ,

“”"""“boost nearby units”""""

It’s the only way they describe aura in this game .

And what is the point of having a tech which boost 10% hp and attack , along with another tech that boost 20% hp and attack in same temple , in same age ???

They could just make single 30% hp and attack boost tech . They probably messed up in they design of this tech .

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Read his statement , he proved that my assumption was right.

To fix aura bug , they wanted to make it global , but they mssed up coding making it a tech instead of aura .

Whoever did this actually didn’t know the difference between aura and tech ,

This use to give like effectively 30% hp and attack of base stat , not just give 10% of base and aura of two explorer don’t add now .

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they changed the effect description, its intended, whether its because they “messed up” and can’t make it an aura is not really relevant. They decided that this is how to resolve the issue with the aura being bugged

The tech is changed now to just be a 10% buff to disciple, whether you want that changed is up to you.


First sensible comment ,

Firstly they should changed its description , to make it a tech .

They definitely messed . They have a tech sound like aura that boost 10% stat , and they have another tech , sound like a proper tech

“”" the five precepts “” that boost 20% stat

Lastly they should at least tell us why they nerfed diciple so hard . Was they so op ?

Earlier it was aura giving 23.6 hp as boost with one explorer and 48hp with 2 explorer . Now it just give 8 hp regardless of explorer . It’s quite a huge nerf .

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aqctually there was no bug with explorer aura in game ever . there was just one visual bug when u watch reply . this aura always worked perfectly when u play game in tad .

U have never seen it then, this thing used to cause global monk buff auras, record bugs and a lot of other things. I have seen it myself so I remember some of this stuff

edit: not global, universal stat buff, like daimyo and shogun in 1

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Just enable record game and start a match on TAD, then you will see this insanity happens:

Every single unit near Monk is affected by the broken aura.

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I have used it more than anyone here .

Read my statement , it never does anything in game , it work perfectly while playing game .

All it does I visual bug while playing recorded game , giving visually appearance to affacting all units .

But it worked perfectly while playing multiplayer .

Look closely , it just appeared to be affacting all units , it doesn’t change their stat on game . It was just visual bug .

Can’t compare it to shogun or daimyo , who actually boost stat of units .

Only in recorded game , never saw this in live game . Anyways if dev surrendered in front of this bug and wanted to change it .then they should have given enough compensation to diciple.

They could buff pagoda , or make this tech bossting like 25% of stat Instead of 10% .

They nerfed diciple becoz they couldn’t fix a bug.

They did buff pagoda bro, didnt you read the patch notes?

I missed that , can u share that ?

Look at the stat of chukunu , it doesn’t changed , it was just visual bug . It doesn’t affect gameplay .

It does change the stats…
Chu Ko Nu without broken aura has 90 hitpoints, with aura it has +10% so 99 hitpoints.
This is a huge game-breaking bug that had to be banned in tournaments, it’s not visual.


on the first day release notes

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Actually, the underlying bug has already been fixed on the engine level for quite a while. However, the current balance for the Disciple has been kept as-is, without drastic changes, since this became the standard for this unit in the competitive environment not only in DE, but also outside DE.

On another note, thanks for bringing to our attention the issue with the strings and the passive ability entry :slight_smile: We will make sure they are updated accordingly.