Chinese Spearman weapon call error?

Nah china should get fire lances in feudal age than everyone should get hand cannon in castle age and all non east Asian civs should get harquebuses in imperial.

lol, what is your basis?What weapons should Chinese use?

Same as now hand cannon. It should be cheaper for them though.

I’m pretty sure most people won’t agree with that.

Most people don’t want gun powder before Imperial Age (with the exception of China) because they want to game to feel more “Medieval”.

If you want gunpowder early you have to play AoE3.

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I don’t think so. I think the Song Dynasty should have more primitive gun powder units, which is more in line with history. In addition, I think we should add some era attributes or characteristic units in the Tang Dynasty. The current setting of the Tang Dynasty is too bad and useless…

Game start in year 900 and ends 1600. That makes 1 age 900-1075 feudal age 1075-1250
Castle age 1250-1425 (That covers hand cannon pretty well. Hussites had even more advanced versions etc) and Imperial age 1425-1600 which is age of harquebuses no question.

Harquebuses were owned in the late Ming Dynasty, it was obtained from the Portuguese and then copied and upgraded.

A lot of people just don’t like gun powder even if it was a part of the Middle Ages much earlier than people believe.
Also having some gunpowder doesn’t mean it has to be a unit. A lot of stuff was used in some places that is not a unit in AoE4.

Yeah from 1590-1600 that’s quite pushing it. If we are incorporating units which started to be used in 1600 Europeans should get Flintlock guns pretty much by that point.

I checked the information. It should be earlier, 1506-1521. In 1622, a larger and more advanced cannon was obtained from the Netherlands, and began to copy and improve, making it more powerful.

Adding hand cannons to the castle age would be a bit tricky from a gameplay perspective. In the imperial age they allow the player to switch into a nearly fully upgraded unit instantly but in castle age there are already crossbowmen, knights, and men at arms. Furthermore if there was an imperial age upgrade for them it would increase the amount of time they take to get online and reduce their usefulness.

I think a specific civ getting castle age hand cannoneers would be interesting but game wide it feels like a bit of a design challenge.

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I think the weapon model of the Chinese spearmen has been made, but it can not be displayed correctly. This is equivalent to a waste and uncoordinated.


Don’t worry.I think it will be fixed.


Mongols has the same problem

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Yes, these models have been made, but they can not be displayed normally for some reason, which is undoubtedly very wasteful and uncoordinated.

yes, Chinese need more buff.

Well, this is not the main problem. The main purpose of my topic is to remind the production team to repair the model display problem.

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Thanks for your advice, I have done so.

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It’s true, but that doesn’t mean that some issues can’t be raised now, right? If this issue be forgotten by the production team, let’s repeat it later.

Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you for your work!!