Civ bonuses if the next patch was made by me

How do you think I spend my lunch break ? :joy:


Now I know when to spam nerf mayans threads :rofl:

Their eco is worse long-term. But at least compared to mayans (and imo the same still applies to chinese at this point) you go faster to castle age bc of speedy farmers. And that’s oftentimes all that aztecs need. Go to castle asap and spam those eagles.

Then you probably didn’t use it correctly (or in the correct situations). In castle the unit isn’t good but late game paired with halbs and houfnice most civs dont have a counter. Yes, on open maps you won’t really see this but on something like arena there isn’t much civs that can stop them. I don’t think I lost a single arena game with the comp once the game went past early imp.

Exactly, going fast Imp without a castle doesn’t do much for you.
Saying Byzantines are bad at pressuring buildings is saying Mayans, Chinese or Spanish are bad at it. Or any other civ lol

This is sufficient for them

Gxbow buff is ok, but I would act on the training time.

The age up bonus is ok, even if I would recomend something a bit stronger but more land specific.

Oh hey brother, same here. :smile:


Lol first thing i do when i get to CA with Byz is to make a castle, then fast imp and go trash + trebs xD in closed maps that’s usually 5 or 6 trebs surrounded by halbs and skirms, and maybe a few catas because they are super cool looking, and a few monks! :woozy_face: