Civ Concept: Chile (yes. really)

The Civilization clearly everybody was waiting for! Clearly!



  • Starts with 6 Settlers, 300 food, 200 wood, 100 Coin and 1 General.
  • Choose Federal States to advance in Age and add new Home City Cards to the Deck, starting with fewer cards (21) than other civilizations.
  • Each home city shipment brings a random crate of resources.
  • National Guard units: Yungayo (Roto) Huaso (Lleulle)

Technology Tree

  1. Town Center - No unique features, no Revolutions, Trains
  • Settler

  • Ransoms -

  • General: Same as Mexico and the United States General. In Industrial Age it unlocks the Pistol Attack, where he shoots two shots that deal 30 damage, with a cool down of 45 seconds.

  1. House
  2. Market
  3. Mill
  4. Estate
  5. Livestock Pen
  6. Animita - Rather than a base experience trickle, they receive resources when trade units pass by, if built next to a trade route, they are small and fragile. Unlock a new one each age, technologies are researched for free within, at a very, very slow pace. - Trains
  • Priest

  • Researches -

  • Mission Fervor

  • Town Watch

  • Gas Lightning

  • Código de Bello - Ships 500 XP for every 10 minutes of the game time (up to 30 minutes)

  • Redoubts

  • Standing Army

  • Standing Cavalry

  • Señor de la Agonía - Receive a Settler per Settler lost this game. (Requires Cuestion del Sacristan shipment)

  • Cuasimodo - Cavalry units get +15% attack and hit points. Lleulles use 1 more pop, Carretas Blindadas 1 less. (Requires Cuestion del Sacristan shipment)

  • La Tirana - Replaces all your Priests with Priestesses. (Requires Cuestion del Sacristan shipment)

  1. Salitrera - Can be built on top of Mines to automatically extract coin from them, can also be used to convert the coin on the mine into food and wood over time. Hold Capitol upgrades. Build Limit: 4
  • Weight of Night - The next Federal State you research, or are researching, will Age Up 50 seconds faster and grant twice as many XP crates. (Chilean equivalent to State Religion/Statehood).
  1. Barracks - Trains
  • Güeñi: Tough melee infantry with area damage, good against cavalry. (II)
  • Batallón Cívico: Chilean unique musketeer with aggressive stats, having stronger attack and reduced hit points, while retaining an affordable price. (II)
  • Cantinera: Chilean early skirmisher, who can also heal units while in combat, stats are somewhere between a crossbowman and a regular skirmisher. (II)
  1. Stable - Trains
  • Lleulle: Cheap, spammable cavalry that only occupies 1 pop space. Similar multipliers to the Naginata Rider, on a smaller scale. (II)
  • Carreta Blindada: Very powerful, tanky ranged cavalry (Somewhere between a German War Wagon and a Howdah), that boost the attack rate of nearby unit (does not stack) and can absorb attacks to nearby units like the Papal units. (III)
  1. Artillery Foundry - Trains
  • Roto: Chilean unique grenadier. Has the Chupilca del Diablo ability, which locks it in melee and drastically increases their speed, allowing them to be an effective counter to artillery, while still fulfilling it’s grenadier role of being good against infantry. (II)
  • Falconet
  • Culverin
  • Mortar
  • Horse Artillery
  1. Dock - Trains
  • Fishing Boat
  • Sloop
  • Steamer
  • Frigate
  • Ironclad
  1. Arsenal
  2. Pulperia - Rather than trickle coin like the Saloon, you can toggle between food, wood or coin trickle, at a similar rate - Trains
  • Bandolero: Replaces the Highwayman for the Chileans. Which is available on all maps. Beyond the regular features, like mounting, dismounting, Viper’s Eye and Outgunning, they also have the Mountain Hideout ability, which allows them to move back directly to your homecity drop point.
  • Brujo: Replaces the Inquisitor for the Chileans. Which is available on all maps. Rather than their normal attack against units, they can convert enemy units.
  • Guaitequero: Replaces the Pirate for the Chileans. Which is available on all maps. They have a ranged attack by default, which causes fire damage after the target is hit.
  1. Walls (and Gates)
  2. Outpost
  3. Fort - Trains
  • Güeñi
  • Roto
  • Batallon Civico
  • Cantinera
  • Lleulle
  • Carreta Blindada

You can see the homecity shipments here for clarity and ease of reading.

Post Script

  • Why do I think the devs should add Chile ingame?

I don’t lol. This was just a fun thought experiment.

  • Why did you make a Chile civ design out of all things?

Cuz am chilean. Welp. It was a nice exploration of the country’s history.

I do have, however, no hopes nor expectations of the developers ever adding the civilization to the game, nor they should. I guess it could be modded in, everything I wrote here is doable with the current mod tools. I think.


I’d play this as mod.

Always great to see your designs. Didn’t know you were Chilean. In WOL my favourite was Chile.

I hope you can, the mod sounds interesting. :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

Question, any plans for metropolis cards? Immigrants, mercenary units and native allies?

The devs: What federal state do you advance in age with?..


Me: correction, it’s all the cards, not just the Age UP ones. (Edit)

Sorry, I didn’t see the other tabs, thanks for letting me know.

Oh that’s good…although it would be strange to call it “Unitary Americans” as opposed to “Federals Americans” (USA,Mexico,Brazil,Great Colombia,Argentina)…

It’s all of them. Check the other tabs of the excel.

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This is pretty cool
Plz tho no more unsnarable stuff, no one wants more chimu- a better effect could be the ability snares on range attacks too for say 5s, allowing a speed 4 musk to punish z move skirm types.

But very cool ideas!

If your concern is the name that seems to you, Unitarios del cono sur, Unitarios del Sur or simply Unitarios.

Germany was created to be an umbrella civilization, Spain not.

PS: I know that you are interested in separating Germany, but this is not the place and this is not the way to achieve it.


do you have eyes lol

@HoopThrower excellent work


this is a post about Chile, pleas keep comments to Chile and its immediate cultural and historical neighbourhood.


Thing is, “Chupilca del Diablo” is a semi-mythic drink made during the Saltpeter war to let soldiers go berserk and do melee charges against the allied forces. In record time, as the legend goes. Making the ability let the Civicos snare units from range is kind of a very random effect to represent that.

At the very least I hope the developers take note of this idea and expand the Chilean revolution to make it an equivalent of the French, Mayan, Californian and Texas revolutions. :smile:

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This is great, several ideas from this proposal could be implemented in the Revolution
I had thought of some changes for the Chilean revolution

  • Add the Oficina Salitrera building that increases the speed of collection of nearby mines with a large radius of effect

  • Change the explorer for a general

  • Adding the shipment of a saltpeter prospector wagon that turns into a saltpeter mine that provides 20,000 coins

  • Allow them to build Haciendas, also to the rest of Latin American revolutions

This is much more complete, hopefully the developers consider it


No joke, this remake about Chilean civ will be far more fantastic than what I’ve seen in Wars of Liberty :chile::laughing::laughing::laughing::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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You forgot the consulate, with the British as the only option.

I think this idea would be great to complement the strategy of the Chilean revolution. :smile:

It may sound bad, but I believe that Spain should completely replace its mills and plantations with haciendas, its grenadiers should be soldiers and the card, viceroyalty of new Spain should send 2 wagons of hacienda; allow them to train villagers and increase the hacienda limit by +2. (the other effects should be removed)

Revolutionize yourself with any Hispanic revolution should also cause the same effect, regardless of civilization. (German mill cards should affect hacienda)

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think the timeline does not match the reference you are trying to make, also if that were the case, the consulate would also have the United States and not just England.

I dont think so, they are better as Hispanic imdependencies feature. I would go with Spain getting viceroyalties cards that grant a weaker version of their bonuses like New Spain does. It would be similar to how USA inmigrant cards.

I don’t know what to tell you, I see the haciendas and the soldier as an inheritance from the Spanish empire, not so much as a unique characteristic of Hispanic civilizations, but I also don’t see a bad thing in implementing them as unique characteristics of revolutions.

Also, I don’t think we are on the right topic to discuss this type of change.

Let’s get back to the main topic.
In my opinion, a potential chilean civilization doesn’t have much of a chance to be added though, but I think the devs should at the very least reward the creativity displayed on this topic and give some improvements to the chilean revolution, especially since it can only be used by Spain. (i think it should be similar to the french revolution in complexity)

At best, if HoopThrower manages to create the civ, I think the developers could be asked to adopt it as an official civ. (Obviously, there is no guarantee of anything, but it would be a nice gesture for the Chileans and the Latino community in general) :smile: