Civ Concept - Nubians

Archer and Camel Civilization

  • Markets slowly generate gold. (5 gold per minute). (Reference to their wealthy trading history)
  • Archers move 15% faster starting from Feudal Age. (Historically, the Nubians were masters of archery)
  • Ballistics is free.
  • Camel units are created 40% faster.

Unique Unit:

  • Kushite Archer (50w, 45g) - Archer with attack bonus vs. unique units. (Reference to how the Nubians resisted invaders from neighboring lands)
  • Makurian Raider - Nubian unique camel unit that replaces the Heavy Camel Rider in the Imperial Age. Reduces enemy armor for every blow delivered.

HP: 55, 65(Elite)
Base Range: 4,5(Elite)
Accuracy: 80%, 90% (Elite)
Base Attack: 5 (pierce)
Base Melee Armor: 0
Base Pierce Armor: 1, 2(Elite)
Attack bonus: +10 vs unique units

Unique Technologies

  • Castle Age: Ta Seti (450f, 250g) - Archer units regenerate.
  • Imperial Age: Semna (860w, 880g) - Fortifications deal 80% more damage. (Reference to the numerous fortified citadels in the region)

Team Bonuses:

  • Trade units regenerate. (Another reference to the Nubians’ rich trading history).

Missing units and techs:

  • Infantry: Halberdier, Plate Mail Armor, Squires
  • Cavalry: Paladin, Plate Barding Armor
  • Siege: Heavy Scorpion, Bombard Cannon
  • Navy: Heavy Demolition Ship, Elite Cannon Galleon
  • Monks: Redemption, Block Printing,
    - more to be updated…

That alone break the balance.


This seems pretty Low, with 15 Gold for 100min its better to Just sell the Wood instead of building additional markets.
Imo even 5 gold per minute could be ok, six markets would be the equivalant of one relic

All upgrades in the archer line or only thr crossbowman upgrade?

Just the upgrade itself.

I don’t know about free ballistics, but that upgrade should be fine?

Free ballistics and free archer line upgrades, either of which are top, and together will be an absolute disaster.

For either of these two to become a civ bonus, it means that the civ should no longer receive any other bonus than the team bonuses, and even then there is still possible to break the balance. I don’t think the dev would take such a risk.

Only the crossbowman upgrade is free, well it is safer but still a strong bonus. Maybe it allows to give the civ an economic bonus, but that’s it.


The UU seems kinda OP, at least it’s in almost every case better than Samurai (and vs UU cav, better than Genoese). Especially with Ballistics free.

I think Archers moving faster is good enough of a military bonus that you don’t need free techs.

What would the Makurian Raider stats be? Or is it the same, just with Obuch mechanics? I’m slightly worried over how such an UU that can be massed (and very quickly) could break the balance.

Do they get Siege Engineers?


This bonuses alone all overpowered beyond level lol, this civ would be the Lierey’s drug

Nubians = Ethiopians 2

They are quite diferent and both of them had indepemdent kingdoms for practically the whole AoE2 timeline

Much less than Sicilians=Italians

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Africa is not a country its a continent.

What’s so great about the Nubians in middle age? Just holding off one small muslim invasion and being three little tiny christian kingdoms (Nobatia-Makuria-Alodia). Their archers are already covered with Ethiopian bonus.
What niche do they really fill in game that is not covered?

Oh thanks good to know.

That I do agree. Both LotW and DotD are the worst AoE DLC of all time.

Nubia completely annihilated the Arabs which was a pretty rare achievement during the Arab expansion. Also they had the best archers in the world in that time. They also dominated African trade until the 12th century. Is Battle Of Tours also minor? It had only a few more Arabian soldiers than the First Battle Of Dongola.

What’s tiny? It like the average European kingdom size. The 3 together was pretty big.

Europe has 4 cav civs next to each other (Burgundians, Spanish, Franks, Teutons) Nubia and Ethiopia don’t have a common origin.

Why can’t Ethiopia cover them?

Different people with different history, different language, different gameplay etc

Because they are different people with different culture. Nubians had better defenses, trade, cavalry, infantry (European-like weapons like Halberd and chainmail armor) and more stable religion. Nubia had nothing to do with Ethiopia in the Middle Ages.