Civ concept: Poles/Polish

Cavalry Civilization

Team bonus: Light Cavalry, Steppe Lancers, Hussars, Huszars +4 vs Gunpowder units

Giving a bonus to Scout Cavalry would impact killing opponent herdables

Unique unit: Two-Handed Axeman (Heavy Infantry) - infantry which ignores armor while attacking, but attacks a bit slower compared to Champion line

Civ bonuses:

Plate Mail available in Castle Age

Crossbowmen available in Feudal Age, but Feudal Age Crossbowmen (not Archers) are unaffected by Fletching

Light Cavalry can be upgraded to Winged Hussars in Castle Age (which use a long lance similar to Magyar Huszars) which have +20 HP, +2 attack advantage over light Cavalry (but no disadvantages)

Winged Hussars +1 range in Imperial Age

Winged Hussar vs Hussar
→ +1 range (an Imperial Age phenomenon)
→ +5 HP
→ +2 attack (but Polish miss Blast Furnace)
→ -2 vs monks
→ attack slightly slower (same as Light Cavalry)

Civ lacks Hussar upgrade (since it has Winged Hussar upgrade), Arbalester, Blast Furnace

UT1: Bucklar - Spearmen line +1 melee, +1 pierce, +1 spearman armor


Edit: Winged Hussars get +2 attack now

Civ lacks Blast Furnace and Arbalesters too

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I think the winged Hussar should have a anti-infantry (maybe also anti-gunpowder) attack. This would make it historically accurate.
I also think it could be a imp unit like the flaming camels and maybe even have 2 range (they wore the by far longest lances).
I don’t think they should replace the hussar. They were a medium armored cavalry. Only because they have the name “hussar”, it doesn’t mean they are hussars. They were actually very different.
And Poles used both in their army, light cavalry and winged hussari.

But I like the addition of the shepherds axe men.
I think this could be one of the UU you can make in baracks.


I have granted this via the team bonus

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More or less yes it it. The civ bonus is that it is available an age earlier, just like the Crossbowmen.

This is to the fact that they were the first nation to use Winged Hussars!

so on one hand no eco bonus kind of sucks hard.
on the other hand i really don’t like the idea of crossbows in feudal, or a 9 attack 100 HP +1 range light cavalry unit made out of the stables in castle age.

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The list isn’t complete obviously. I had no idea for UT2 or eco bonuses!

yeah this is weird… better make the axemen available in feudal.

This is also broken.

yeah didn’t even think of that. castle age 100 hp, 11 attack, 3/6 armor +1 range light cavalry out of the stable. pretty sure that beats even knights. especially when backed up by the extra range and attack crossbows. archer civs are absolutely going to hate it. “so you mean my opponent has a 100 hp food only unit, spammed out of the stables, that my crossbows only do 1 damage too…”
shudders. and crossbows with 8 attack and range.

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So guys despite any civ you want and with all due respect I just want to ask question: So until when and how much people will keep asking for new civs?! I mean really how many and why?! Do you just want to keep adding every single village and civ and duchy that was in the medieval era to the game or what?! Do you think the game need 50 or even 100 civs?

personally i think the cap should not go above 50. period. but i know people who would be happy with a hundred.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I have changed some aspects. Please revisit it.

Also Poland was an important duchy, more important than Burgandians and Sicilians. So I consider it fair to be talk about them.

And poles were one of the civs already considered by the original devs. And for good reason, they deceive to be in the game. And they can make various interesting campaigns, as they interacted with like half of the civs in the game.
Not that I’m in love with poland by any means… I’m german. But i appreciate the role they played in that time period.

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Yeah I totally agree with you, the game doesn’t need more at all and if they want a limit I think even 40 is too much, but after what we saw lately from the devs by adding 6 civs in 1 year it seems they will just add any thing. Only Single players who only like campaigns wants more beacuse they don’t care about balances or whatever.

P.S. No offence to single players because I also play SP and campaigns, but it is about balancing the game and the match up with each civ, so more civs will really break the game and will be harder to learn especially for new players, the game is already complex.


agreed, but i really want to get out of EU as well.

they haven’t added 6 in one year.

You know what, with the fact that we’re getting literal Duchies from well covered regions right now, I’d be fine if they’d stop adding any.


the infantry one or the cavalry one?

still think this is busted.

DE got 4 new civs and exactly after 1 year from DE we got LOTW with 2 more, so literally we got 6 in 1 year


Mail = infantry
Bard = cavalry

Underpowered civs are lame. I still don’t find much enjoyment with Portuguese to be honest after they nerfed them to death.

I’m a singleplayer guy and don’t play the campaigns most of the time.