Civ Concept - Tibetans

Infantry and Monk Civilization

  • Monastery techs also affect barracks units.
  • Monks cost half price.
  • Faith and Heresy are free.
  • Lumberjacks do not need dropoffs.
  • Gain 50 gold and stone for their respective Mining Camp upgrade researched.

Unique Unit

Monk Warrior (60 food, 50 gold) - Infantry unit that also has ability to heal nearby units. Cannot convert enemy units.

Unique Techs:

Castle Age: Mantras - Monks regain faith 100% faster.Imperial Age: Lamaism - Monks are trained 80% faster.

Team Bonus:

Infantry are 20% immune against knights.


Archery Range: Parthian Tactics

Barracks: TBA

Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager, Bombard Cannon

Stable: Paladin

Dock: Fast Fire Ship, Heavy Demolition Ship, Elite Cannon Galleon, Dry Dock, Shipwright,

Blacksmith: Ring Archer Armor

University: Heated Shot, Bombard Tower, Siege Engineers

Feedback please!


any eco bonus? 20 char

Some nice ideas here. Would love them to be part of the game. Shame Microsoft would never risk including them in the game for fear of getting the game banned in China.

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Big Bonus, but I honestly think it’s actually not too strong.

That’s a bit too much.

Don’t see why this shoudl be given to tibetans but why not. It’s a nice eco bonus for sure.

??? Too complicated. Also don’t see a reason for that tbh.

Like that design, though I think you should have a historical unit for a UU.


Completely unnecesary, give them something different.
Tibetans could have a basic % bonus when their units are above a certain map terrain level, like if they stay at level 5+ they just deal 33 % more damage. Regardless if up- or downhill.

You mean take less damage no?
Interesting bonus like it. But I don’t think it should be a TB. I think tibetans could instead have one TB applying to monks. Don’t know what actually. But Monks have usually a hard stand in TGs, so why not giving tibetans a monk TB?

I think they need at least one of these 3.

Sure? Had tibetans good cavalry? I think they should at least miss bloodlines.

Possibly more missing something of the cavalry armor instead imo. Tibetans should have quite good archery, no`?

Think they need that.

I think you pushed them a bit too much into the Monk theme. Though I agreee they can be a good monk civ, no civ should be pushed too much into that theme as monks are notoriously difficult to handle but “counter everything” when you can pull that off.
A few monk bonusses are fine, but every civ also needs some “alternatives” it is designed around.

They actually have that wood bonus which is imo a really nice bonus especially if it’s like the khmer farm bonus. Weirdly enough it would make them potentially super strong on hybrid maps as you wouldn’t need an early lumber camp even.

If you like you can insert your Civ concept in the HUB and maybe you can get a bit “inspired” by the other topics in that collection to improve your civ concepts. Like with adding some historical notes, campaign ideas, artwortk etc.

So insta +15HP and +15% for free for all infantry right after castle age, basically vikings and celts infantry altogether into 1 unit an age earlier…

And monks that are super cheap after saving the equivalent for 5 monks.

And another 4 free monks.

That’s incredible strong, you need to have them like work at half the speed and remove all their wood upgrades to make it balanced.

Let’s also make them insta-trained and super fast at converting units.

This is broken on so many levels that I won’t even bother to list…

I really hope that this is a late april fools…


I agree on everything except in those two points:

Its not like faster trained monks is a good tech tbh. Its pretty useless most of the times.

Infantry ia pretty uncommon in TGs. Even in 1v1 this bonus is only crazy after you get the monastery techs

I’m all for Tibetans, but not sure if Microsoft will have potential issues with some folks.

Not sure about supporting the monk warrior concept. Will he be as slow? Why not a monk cavarlyman (no conversions), provided you are already giving string cavalry?

Could you explain the reasons for the Infantry Bonus?

Well, first off it’s a bonus that stack on their infantry that also instantly gets +15 HP and 15% faster in castle age for free, which are already too good.

Second, such bonus can stack up so much with other infantry bonus and UUs, do we really need huskarls or obuch that takes less damage from knights?

Most of those bonuses aren’t broken or badly through, but all of them combined are broken.

A tech to train monks faster normally would be ridiculous weak, but on monks that cost only 50g and regain faith in half the time… you could go on with just monks all games.

To the op please work on your understanding of the balance please:

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It’s Heresy and Faith for free, not Sanctity and Fervour. You’d still get +15 HP and +15% speed, but you’d have to pay and wait for them.

Of course, the really exciting thing about this bonus is infantry benefitting from Block Printing!

I don’t really get these bonuses thematically. How are they supposed to relate to the theme or history of the civ?

Did Tibet have these? I think of them as being more Chinese (Shaolin) or Japanese (Sohei).