CIV Grid/Civ-Matchups

Finally there is some Data!

thank u guys for doing this amazing work!


OMG, this Excel is just amazing! :smiley: Interesting data.

(this is an example of the info you are getting from there)


It is getting updated! There was 3,8k games yesterday, now it is 5,5k. Results looks much different now.


yeah, it will take some time to reach statistical significance for every civ matchup… so guys and gals, go play ranked! ^^

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Its updated ever ~12 hrs


Current civ situation

Could you share the link to the document?

Civ Matchup Data: did you lose because you suck or matchup sucks? - ESOCommunity (

Thank you very much for your hard work

I’m not doing anything for the grid

Direct access to the grid is here: Sunbros Civ Grid - Google Sheets


for some reason this site would censor the link for me.

swedes be like: “balanced”

Weird. You can access it on the sunbros discord. Age of Sunbros III

For all of the people who have been hating on my civilization balance updates posts, looks like I was completely right. And I don’t mean this out of arrogance - I truly mean this out of wanting to balance the game. Next time you guys should take heed to an active player who plays daily at the top 250 level of play.

India, China, Sweden, and British need small nerfs. START SMALL.

Inca, Malta, Russia and maybe Italy need small buffs. START SMALL.

Portugal Feitorias needs to be reverted and nerfed only at 30%, NOT 50%. A prime example of a nerf that killed the civ for being far too ambitious at once.



I can access the link but when i posted it here, this site would censor the link with #########

it has been updated for 1250+ and 1400+ elo, very interresting how civ ranking is affected

but keep in mind that overall games played for 1250+ and 1400+ is lower of course and stats will change


Just 1400

last time i checked it had both. idk why 1250+ was removed. But now we have win/loss-rate by minute, really neat