CIV Grid/Civ-Matchups

I’m starting to think that these data go to sympathy for use and not for winnings, are they recent or what? Lakota and especially China are heavily nerfed and are they in the top 2? I understand it’s 1100+ and it’s unreliable data, pick and game numbers don’t appear and as I’ve always said since 1110+ means you’re taking players from different brackets and include everything in one graph, it’s pretty useless like that.

The civ score already considers the pick rate of the civ, along with their win rate consistency across the match ( if a civ has a better win rate across all time periods, it gets more score).

Aztecs have way better win rates before the 10 mins mark, it gets lower civ score added.


Japan has more uniform wins across its time line, gets more civ score