Civ Picker v2

The one in the game is not too great. Here’s a mockup of a more useful one:

Apparently this forum also inlines CodePens… it won’t look good in this little frame but whatever:

All stats are from in-game stuff, plus possible mistakes by me. Feel free to play around with and tweak.

If anyone wants to supply tier or difficulty data, I’ll add those.

I may rewrite the spaghetti JS at some point, but I think this gets the idea across :slight_smile:


Great job! Do you want ro implement it on the game? And mqn, you did stick to the ingame classification, but again, some things feel so off xD (sarracens, for example, are rather acamelciv or even an archer, and not a cavalry)

looks really good! would like to see it implemented

Thanks! I’d love to see it in the game :slight_smile:

Good point about the strengths. If someone who’s better at the game gives a more accurate list I’ll definitely change it!

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Well, I’ll move sarracens from cavalry to camels. Then I’ll add Magiars to cav archers, since they have the best in the game (turks could make it into that category as well). Japanese definitely have to be in naval civs. And Teutons into defensive ones

did all of the above!

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Just out of curiosity, why is the Kamayuk icone the old one from the Forgotten mod?

AS of tiers, you could start by looking up this video however I think it would be hard to implement the functionnality and make everyone happy with it

looks decent. I’m pretty sure the current one was staying true to the classic

Wow, thanks! Didn’t though you would listto me that much :slight_smile:

Fixed the icon. And thanks for the tier video. Implemented that just for the mockup – no need to be scientific here :slight_smile:

Wow that was fast! (however you swapped Ethiopian and Malian).

Thanks, good catch. Fixed

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Nice looks great. Also this is slightly off topic but another change id like to see to the civ picker is for random civ to work better. Even though its not supposed to give you the same civs twice in a row I have had that happen and often times I will get the same civ after a few games or if I exit the game and come back.

feel like mongols and teutons and even koreans feel like siege civs

I think they should stick to the official civ tag as long as it’s accurate enough. For instance you could say Aztecs are a siege civ too (SO+SR+SE+produced faster) or that Bulgarians are also a defensive civ thx to the Krepost.

Yeah, I don’t see a reason to tweak it further.

I’ve polished the design a lot now! I think I’m done. I guess the next step is either to figure out whether this can be made into a mod, or somehow get the dev team to notice and consider it :slight_smile:

Wow it’s pretty much max quality now. The “subjectively based of community feedback” when you hover on tier/dif is just perfect

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Nice overview! Goths and Malians seem the most mislabeled in tiers, however.

Malian is perfectly fine there, but yeah, Goth might be moved as well. But it’s just to give an idea of what the ideal civ picker would look like.