Civ Request: The Vlachs

I Know that there are many more important civs that are not in the game but how about a Vlach Civ? The Vlachs are also known as Wallachians and the thing that is intresting is that we already have a Vlach Campaign in the game( Vlad Dracula was a Vlach) and I think that we should recieve a Vlach civ.

The Vlachs
Cav Civilization

-Knights cost -15% castle / 20 % imperial
( The Crusading Order of the Dragon was mostly made up by Vlach, Moldavian, Transilvanyan and Hungarian nobles which could afford heavy armour and hourses)

  • Militia-line +1 attack
    (Their ancestours, the Dacians used shock infantry with Falxeswhich were very effective at piercing roman helmets cousing the roman empire to lose many men)

  • Husbandry and Squires free, moved to feudal age
    (The Vlachs were very fast and arrived unexpectedly fast somewhere catching their enemies and sueprising them before they could organise an defense)

Wallachian Swordsmen (Infantry unit, 60 food and 30 gold, 65 hp, 8 attack, 1/1 armour, speed 1.0, LOS 5, has a small chance of doing +4 extra damage when attacking)


Foreign Aid Hungary / Ottoman Empire ( 300 food and 400 gold, Upon researching you can choose to recieve either 10 elite magyar huszars or 10 elite jannisary)

Voivods (300 food and 300 gold, Cavalery + 6 against gunpowder units)

Team bonus:
Farms, fish traps, mills, mining camps and lumber camps can be rebuild for free if destroyed ( if u destroy one, than the next one u will build is free and the next one is back to the normal cost)

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This would be the most generic uu name ever

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If any other civ is added to europe I’d rather see poles and serbs befores wallachians.

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Maybe devs will rename Slavs to Vlachs and then add polish and russian civs.

I agree on both serbs and poles however all this civs (Poles, serbs, vlachs and maybe georgians or something like that ) be added as a new DLC: The Defenders of The Faith (all of these have fought against muslims which tried to invade europe and the caucasus)


That’s the most useless Unique Unit I could ever see

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It would be as generic as the name of Flemish Militia


So it costs more than a champion, has lower HP and much lower attack than a champion, and when it actually does its bonus critical damage it still does less damage than a champion? 11
The rest of the bonuses and UTs are also weaker version of other civs

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Well the civilization name is not the same as the uu in that example.

Thats the castle age version, compared it to the longsword

What will be the Architecture Set for Vlachs?

Half of the bonuses are already used in the game, UU is useless, Unique Techs are useless.

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Spătar as UU
basically imperial bodyguards

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Estern European ofc

It is the same story with magyars and berbers, magyars have cheaper scouts while berbers have cheaper cav, i dont see why this bonus is not allowed 2 be in the game, 10 elite magyar huszars arent useless especialy in castle. And Voivods help em deal with spanish or turks and portuguese preety easy

Spatar, nush ce sa zic despre el, sounds good though

Ok so, here is my feedback:

Mmm this isn’t great, berbers have the same discount, but it also apply to light cav and camels, the only thing that could make this bonus better it would be access to paladins. But 20% discounted paladins may be too much, so they probably won’t be FU.

I assuming that it starts in feudal age, because in dark age it would be too much. So onestly they would basically have a worse Burmese bonus, because they get up to +3 in imp and it covers also pikes and eventually condos.

So, squires is fine, M@A aren’t that strong in feudal anyway, and they would still be behind celts, although I would make them able to research it, not giving them for free. As for husbandry, it would almost be like the old cumans, so it may be too strong, but again, if they would be able to just research it, at it’s full cost and idling one of their stables, then it may be fine, not strong, but at least balanced.

I’m not a fan of UT that gives you a small amount of units just one time (like cumans mercenaries), but if I have to choose, I would discard the MH, since it’s a spam unit, it doesn’t make sense in few numbers non replaceble. Jannisaries makes more sense, since 10 ranged units with 22 attacks are better, and at least can be useful, but a onager shot or few skirms can simply easily deal with them.
In any case, I don’t see it that original, I would suggest to give them some standard units, or some of their UU, not units from another civs, since they would probably be worse that the originals (jans are affected by 2 bonuses).

The only reason to pick this UT would be its cost, since it’s definitely too cheap to be a imp UT. That being said though, its effect isn’t that big either, cav is already a good counter to gunpowder, since HC usually don’t have many HP, cav have high attack, and with the low accuracy of the HC and high speed of the cav, there is a lot of missing.

Ok, I didn’t understand if those are the castle age stats or the elite stats. Either way, onestly, a champ will be still better, it’ll have more base attack so more consistent damage output, also because you given extra attack to them.

This is very weak, those buildings are never targeted, unless they are part of a wall, but even then palisade or houses are more easily destroyed. Only fish traps are usually destroyed, but even there the most important part is to save the ships, so having them replenish for free it becomes very situational.

So in general, what should be the meta for this civ? Because they seem to have a really weak dark and feudal age, without an eco bonus or a substantial military bonus. In castle age, cheap knights is always good, but that becomes you only option, which makes it predictable and exploitable, and their UU doesn’t seem capable of carry them, unlike UU like arambai or camel archers.

those are the castle age stats

it is not about targeting em is about destroying ur resource camps to make new ones, which are closer to trees for example

no, if it starts in feudal it is too late, i have already written that they have this bonus because they were very good in the late antiquity with swords. If it starts in the feudal age it would make no sense of historical acurracy

again I agree with u for balance changes but tbh that will loose the entire bonus as nobody ever researches em in xastle age so if they are free than they are ok

Drush FC into knights and than imperial age u have a mix of infantry and cavalry( just like slavs or bulgarians) but the drush should be top tier, so maybe u try to kill or idle a vill in dark age and win the match in castle. The point with the civ is something like this: End the match in castle age.( Wallachia could never compare itself with its neigbours and insted won small battles against troops defending the main armies’s supplies and run away from the enemy army letting it starving to death)

the UU is much more like the war elephant. u dont rlly make it but it is a powerfull option

Except its not. Even in castle age it trades 1 attack for 1 melee armor over a longsword and also gains 5 hp. Its still gonna get wrecked by knights and archers easily, and costs 15 more food and 10 more gold then a militia too. The only thing potentially making it powerful is the chance for extra damage and even then I dont think its gonna do much.

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Ii’s still not a great bonus, usually you delete them in the late game, around mid castle age, when 100w time to time for a lumber camp isn’t a big deal.

Yeah I get the historical reason (althought, late antiquity is way before aoe2 timeframe) but you also need to look at the balance of it. Both the japanese and celts infantry bonuses were nerfed by removing it’s effect in the dark age, so I don’t think that it’s a good idea to go in this direction.

But it doesnt justify using the UU. Comparing it to the LS, who have 1 more base damage, if the chances of having +4 attack are 1 out of 4, it means that with 4 attacks, the LS have the same damage output of the UU 3 attakcs plus an special one. I personally wouldn’t leave this up to chances, because I may find the time when they get all 4 times special attacks, or the time that they have no special attack at all. People don’t like that kind of randomness in the game. And that without factoring in the +1 that you gave to the militia line, otherwise it’s even worse.

Switching to imp, even if this unit have the same attack of a champ, you champs will still have +1 more attack, and civs like aztecs or burmese will still simply be better. One thing are units like the coustilier or the arambai, because the first have a predictable special attack, the second is a renged unit, which random accuracy makes a kind of an “area effect damage”, but from a line unit, I want consistency.

But you can’t make their Drush OP, the goal of a Drush isn’t necessarily to kill a vill, but usually is to put pressure. And even so, such strategy would be predictable, people will research loom earlier, or make their own militias to defend, or simply be faster an go scouts or archers.

The civ is really weak in feudal, and rely too mcuh on a Drush, a strategy that for balance reasons cannot be too strong. I woud suggest a few changes if you let me:

What about knights cost less food, like it could be half, or 33%, or staggered thought the ages. In castle age food is way more important than gold, so this way you would give them an unique bonus and still help their knight rush.

This is a good bonus, but it’s too much. Either those techs are available ealier, and you decide to get them at the price of idleling your military buildings for a bit, or you gave them for free upon hitting castle age. You can give them cheaper and available one age earlier, but not for free and insta reaseached.

If you want to improve their Drush, instead of making them too strong, I suggest to improve how easily you can get it. A solution may be to give them cheaper barracks, or to extend the food discount to them too, so to have a easier dark age resources management.

Maybe mills, lumber camps and mining camps can give you +5 pop each, this would be less original, but more useful early on.

You also need to think of what tech tree you want to give them, so to see if your bonuses, UU and UT work well with them, or a balanced out by, for example, poor archer line.