Civilization Craft: Armenians

Hmm, I haven’t heard of the latter. Obviously, since Ashot I literally founded the Bagratid Dynasty, he seems like the logical choice to me.

The age up bonus needs to either buffed or replaced. It’s a slightly stronger version of the Italians, but it only kicks in after aging up, so you already have to put the resources in, and it makes it maybe too similar to something like Ethiopians. The stable attack upgrade is fine, considering no BF. The extra conversion range means they need to lose Redemption and Theocracy as well I think, just for balance. I think the mangonel bonus is interesting, and it’s fine. The Baptistery is an interesting idea, although I’m not sure about the name “Baptism” for a unique tech that affects the Baptistery only. I think the UU may need a rework, it does feel kind of too close to a Leitis. My first response to the Imp UT is that it’s too weak. Trebs aren’t really used against units that much, and scorpions work better when massed, letting them kill stuff before minimum range is relevant. I feel this either needs buffs or a rework. Thos are my thoughts on it, I think a lot of them might have been seen already, but there you go anyway.

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What about a slow trickle of food and wood starting in Feudal Age, say 15 food and wood per minute?

I already took away Redemption and Atonement per someone else’s feedback. Taking away Theocracy is reasonable, but I’m afraid it might make them too weak.

Well, Armenian Baptisteries would have more range than Baptisteries from their allies, which may make a difference, I dunno. Perhaps it can also affect Monks in some way.

What do you suggest? I have historical reasons for making it the way it is.

That’s a fair point. It could be kinda gimmicky anyway. I guess the real value of it is not really needing to have as much protection for your siege, which can be helpful.

Interesting, but it has to be tied to something, maybe the TC, otherwise there is no way of stopping it. It could increases with each TC, but it would need a limit probably, maybe of 3TCs working at once.

Redemption definitely has to go, and then it’s either Atonement or Theocracy.

No, it’s really just the name.

Not sure right now, I’d have to think about it.

Oh? What should I replace it with? Or should I just overhaul the tech altogether?

All right, I changed it to this:

  • Town Centers generate a slow trickle of food and wood (starting in Feudal Age)

Should that be fine?

Maybe include in the brackets “starting in Feudal age and limited to 3 Town Centers”.

Good idea. I’ll make that distinction.

Thanks for your encouragement.

How? To me it comes across as a lithuanians rip off, with advantages and disadvantages.

Available earlier (feudal).
No investment required.
Available to all stable units.

Lithuanians has higher top end potential (+4 vs +2 in castle, +2 vs +1 in imp).

Also he keeps saying they wont have halbs but that wont fly. All paladin civs are required to have halbs

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Honestly if cheaper age up is such a hellbent concept why not do the Byzantine version of age up. Say 33% cheaper Castle Age? You save less than Byzantines but Castle Age is a pivotal time.

Sure, I’m just saying it’s a passable bonus. I think they lack halbs to push them towards the anti cav UU.

Who said that? The devs? If it’s just an arbitrary rule that seems to exist for convenience purposes, there have been other civilizations that have broken “rules” before – so why can’t they?

Because in pakadin v paladin matches they are the most important support unit

Also, if they lack cameks these guys will just suck vs cavalry

Not so fast. The Ayruzdi absolutely shred any kind of enemy cavalry. They’re basically the Jaguar Warriors of cavalry.

They’re different from camels, which take out other cavalry slowly, and spear units, which are cheaper but weaker and need mass to be effective. Even a small handful of Ayruzdi can totally obliterate a proportionally much larger cavalry army, thanks to their massive bonus damage and high base stats. Trust me, they don’t need Halberdiers.

Eh not sure if a super expensive and hard to mass cavalry unit is a replacement for halbs or camels

But ok, sure

I don’t know what it is drawing 70 replies to your works. You got some sort of magic.

Good question. I guess it’s just controversial because people think it’s too similar to the Lithuanians.

But what does the civ do vs camels? In castle age you can always play knights and monks or knights and pikes but imagine you play vs a civ that opens heavy camel in imp. Going pikes here isn’t exactly great.

If this UU is so hellbent on being anti-cav what if it was more cataphract like in that it resists anti-cav heavily and maybe is weaker to missiles. This civ has good enough siege to enable a scary if not expensive combo of Ayrud/SO to make camel/Arb combos become paste.