Civilization Craft: Georgians

I’m a little hesitant to share this one, since you guys totally destroyed the Armenians one, and I love the Georgians even more. But maybe your ideas will be better than mine, I dunno.

The Georgians represent the Kingdom of Georgia, naturally, and the vassal states within it. The focus of the campaign would be on Queen Tamar, though they’d also have a historical battle focused on Didgori. Like the Armenians, they’d have a new Caucasian architecture set.

Their main focus would be on infantry, though they’d also have decent cavalry options and some pretty good cavalry archers and defenses.

The Georgian Wonder would be Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, which is the second largest cathedral in Georgia and the largest historical one.

Civilization Bonuses:

  • Town Centers +5 garrison space per age
  • Cavalry archers +1 attack
  • Towers fire 15% faster in Feudal, 20% in Castle, 25% in Imperial Age (doesn’t apply to Bombard Towers)
  • Free Redemption

Team bonus: Monks +2 anti-monk armor

Unique Unit: Monaspa (cavalry unit unaffected by elevation or cliffs)

Unique Technologies: Svan Towers (towers and outposts provide +5 population; towers +3 attack against siege), Aznauri (Swordsman line +30 HP)

Tech Tree Notes:

The Georgian infantry is quite good after researching Aznauri. Georgian Champions have a total of 100 HP, which is tied for the highest of any infantry unit. They have the Halberdier, but it isn’t noteworthy at all, as it is completely generic. They have both Plate Mail Armor and Blast Furnace, but are missing Supplies, so their swordsmen are more expensive.

The Georgian foot archers are not all that impressive, since they lack Arbalesters and Ring Archer Armor, though they do have Thumb Ring and Bracer. The Georgian cavalry archers, on the other hand, are much better, considering they have Parthian Tactics, somewhat making up for the lack of Ring Archer Armor, plus the extra attack from the civ bonus.

The Georgian Stable is somewhat mediocre, since they lack Paladins, and the lack of Husbandry and Plate Barding Armor makes them slower and more vulnerable. However, they do have Hussars and Steppe Lancers. So far, the cavalry archers and the cavalry are more like glass cannons, unlike the infantry units, which are tanky.

Georgian siege is nothing to write home about. They’re missing the Siege Onager AND the Heavy Scorpion, as well as Siege Engineers, so the best thing to do is to take advantage of the free Redemption bonus and convert other civilizations’ better siege.

Speaking of the Monks, they’re passable. Although the Monastery’s missing Herbal Medicine, Heresy, Illumination, AND Block Printing, free Redemption and the presence of Theocracy means that the Georgians will be able to more easily convert other civilizations’ better siege, as well as their production buildings. In addition, Monks take a little bit less bonus damage, thanks to the team bonus.

In terms of defenses, they are missing Hoardings, Heated Shot, and Treadmill Crane, so their defensive buildings are more fragile, weaker, and slower to build, but they do have Fortified Walls, Keeps, and Bombard Towers, while their towers do attack faster due to a civ bonus, and Svan Towers gives them population space and a bonus against siege, so it balances out.

For economy, they’re missing Crop Rotation, Stone Shaft Mining, and Guilds, but since their Town Centers can more easily accommodate a large portion of the economy, it’s pretty hard to raid.

In terms of ships, they’re lacking the Fast Fire Ship, the Heavy Demo Ship, the Elite Cannon Galleon, and Shipwright, so avoid anything water-related as the Georgians - but who would play them as a naval civ anyway?

In conclusion, the best game plan for the Georgians is to quickly advance to the Castle Age and take advantage of their defensive capabilities to remain alive until the Imperial Age, when their best options come into play. Their infantry is only slightly above average in the Castle Age, and completely generic in the Dark and Feudal Ages, so that’s something important to keep in mind. Since their defenses aren’t overbearing, they can do a tower rush, but their best play is to boom and possibly turtle until the Imperial Age, when they can go for an all-in aggressive push. The Monaspa is a situationally useful unit due to its gimmick, but it is a strong support unit on its own due to its stats.

Stats and Costs:


Monaspa Stats:

HP: 120, 150 (Elite)
Attack: 12, 14 (Elite)
Attack Bonuses: +2 vs Rams
Armor: 1/2, 2/3 (Elite)
Speed: 1.33
LOS: 5, 7 (Elite)

Cost: 45 food, 100 gold
Training Time: 12 seconds
Elite Upgrade Cost: 1000 food, 800 gold

Svan Towers Cost: 200 wood, 150 gold
Svan Towers Research Time: 30 seconds

Aznauri Cost: 1200 food, 900 gold
Aznauri Research Time: 55 seconds

AI Player Names

Bagrat IV

Borena of Alania - second wife of Bagrat IV

Tamar the Great - led various campaigns against Muslim neighbors. Has a campaign focused on her.

George I

Bagrat III the Unifier - unified all of Georgia under one crown

David the Builder - widely considered the best Georgian ruler of all time. Decisively defeated the Seljuk Turks despite overwhelming odds and numbers at the Battle of Didgori.

Demetrius I

George III

Rusudan - daughter of Tamar the Great

David V

David Soslan - second husband of Tamar the Great, and a strong warrior in his own right

Lasha Giorgi - son of Tamar and David Soslan, but had his reign cut short by a Mongol invasion

In-Game Dialogue - Georgian


Gamarjoba - Hello

Diakh? - Yes?

K’argi - Okay

Dach’rili - Chop

Shemgrovebeli - Gatherer

Meurneoba - Farm

Monadire - Hunter

Magharoeli - Miner

Tevzi - Fish

Mshenebeli - Builder

Remont’i - Repairer

Shet’eva! - Attack!

Military Units

Bat’ono! - Sir!

Shek’vetebi? - Orders?

Ra vkna? - What shall I do?

Daak’isros! - Charge!

Isini mok’vdebian - They will die

Ts’adi! - Go!

Gasagebia - Understood


Dghe mshvidobisa - May this day be peaceful for you

Ghmerti shenk’en - May God be with you

Chemtvis gasagebia - It is clear to me


I like this one. Always down for a good bonus to make towers viable without making TRush OP. If anything, this could probably be increased (15/30/45)

I do think this (or most +1 attack TBs) will be OP. Even if it only affects generic CAs, you’re gonna have crazy stacking effects, e.g. Magyar HCA with 13 attack. New TBs are admittedly hard to balance since you’re more constrained by having a bonus that can potentially affect all civs, but you don’t want to make them useless either.

Situational but decent mechanic, I like it. I’m assuming this only means the unit doesn’t take bonus damage, not that it doesn’t deal more damage from the upside of elevation. If anything, the unit looks good but is too gold-heavy for how situational its bonus is.

Infantry situation is also interesting. My intuitive sense of how strong the Supplies vs. extra HP tradeoff is isn’t very robust without some testing, but my guess is that this is going to be stronger than even the top champion civs, even on a cost basis. Seems like the unit would kind of play out like an infantry UU (cost and stats wise), but would be trained from the barracks, which is a powerful combination. However, given their lack of any eco bonus and their general tech weaknesses, I don’t think this would be OP.

Overall, I think this is a decent civ design, some tweaks needed, but certainly within the realm of viability and no head-scratching mechanics. I consider this the best designed civ that I’ve seen from you.

It was originally +2, which is even more insane, but I see your point. I do want to have a cavalry archer team bonus to reference their relationship with the Kipchaks, who were horse archers, so I’m open to suggestions.

I actually had the idea of it negating any kind of elevation bonuses or penalties at all, but your idea is better, tbh. Makes it even less situational.

That’s a fair assessment. The reason it’s gold-heavy is because of its raw stats, which are some of the best in the game, but I can certainly reduce it if you want. How much would be good?

That means the civ is designed exactly how I want it to be. Originally, I thought the HP bonus and tech were too strong on their own and took away multiple upgrades, but someone on the wiki crunched the numbers and ran a simulation using math and determined they were too weak, so I gave them some upgrades, which made them much stronger. Success!

Seems I had a rare moment of brilliant balance thanks to the help of people from the wiki.

That’s the secret. This is actually the fourth or fifth iteration. I had already changed several bonuses before I arrived at this one, so completely unlike the Armenians one. Probably why this is so refined.

Considering the Georgians are my most wanted civ, this is a very good thing, and I consider this high praise coming from you.

This is the Teuton bonus but worse early and better late game. Not a fan

Its a pretty poor reason. Remove it

Its basically the Clet bonus but not affecting castles. Would rather it just be 15% flat

Very powerful

Very OP

So basically Farimba?

Eh, okay. It could have just been +30 without the bonus

Also the UU is very boring

I knew someone would rain on my parade. This forum is very toxic.

EDIT: Nah, I was just riding the high from the previous person telling me this was my best idea yet (which it probably still is, but just needs some tweaks). I’m much more willing to accept feedback now.

Sorry, but calling me toxic for not liking the pointless overlap pf the Vikimg bonus is very immature.

If you dont like how the game works then go to other game

Also the civ is very very weak. They have nothing going on early game

You shouldn’t, but with that being said, a healthy degree of hesitation is required in order to maintain a high quality of an intellectual interaction.

Too much of a Teutons, without a catch. Try to mix it with something, not just because of diversity and uniqueness, but also because it’s really too minor and too insignificant to be useful/playable.

Exactly, Vikings. It simply cant be done. Period.
I did take a look in your tech tree AND your UT. I absolutely love the Unique Tech, I’d make it +40 even. I like it that they lack supplies for obvious reasons.
+40 isn’t too much, we’re talking about the least attractive unit in the game, it’s the Militia line. All its counters overkill it anyways by overmicroing a mass of Arbalesters or just naturally Hand Canoneers due to their high damage.
I would however price it accordingly, just like El Dorado.

This is wonderful. I’d be much bolder with the numbers! 20%, 40%, 60% Accordingly. Perhaps even more, you can always govern its OPness by just decreasing their base damage via the university.
You need to aim for meaningful bonuses to shape the identity of the civ. You want to avoid that generic vibe.

Great one! especially when you mix it with lack of Block Printing, however I’d consider nerfing their Castle Age monk further, perhaps taking away Ferver.
Free Redemption is wonderful, however allow TOO MUCH of a strategic flexibility. Especially in some maps.

As a bonus it’s quite good, we dont have this one in AOE, Castle Age CA with extra 1 damage can be awesome, plus the fact you cleverly took away their access to Husbandry. Well Done in this regard!
HOWEVER it should be a rightful civ bonus, definitely not a team bonus. It can make Post-Imp wars in team games so broken, Imagine an ally Magyar… It’s unbalancable.

I’d definitely replace this one with their TC’s bonus, this CA bonus actually shapes the identity of the civ, I’d just make a minor team bonus of +5 pop space in TC’s. Without the scaling.

It can’t be done. Malians have the exact bonus, playing with numbers doesnt make it unique, you can’t justify this one. By far the worst aspect of this civ. Besides that, do you really want to make their Hussars a Farimba-Light Cav? It’ll drain the whole purposefullness from their lovely Champion. Please think of something else. (I know that Hussar isn’t FU, but still, it takes very little for Hussar to be more attractive than a Champ)

That’s nice, despite me being not a huge fan of Noobism encouraging bonuses. Basically a tanky Cavalry, Boyar like, slower I’d assume.

I get the idea of having a civ with multiple militaristic options yet no eco bonus, I highly appreciate it. More guys here play safe when they design a civ, you went bold.
You do have to do some changes. This is by far one of the best designs I’ve seen, big potential here, minimalistic, might be a little hard to play during Feudal due to lack of bonuses in Dark Age, however Towers that shoot faster (15% is too low in this regard) can really be in use. I love it, let me know if/when you adjust it.

Literally how? It’s very different.

You’re thinking of the Celt UT. Unique techs and bonuses are allowed to overlap.

It’s different enough because it doesn’t increase over time and doesn’t come into effect until Castle Age.

I’ll agree there.

Not entirely. It’s similar, but weaker and an age earlier.

I wasn’t calling you toxic. You’re generally pretty cool. I just don’t like how this forum always finds something to complain about.

EDIT: I’ve just seen these now.

I like the price of the Aznauri. (Khmali needs to be removed obviously)

I LOVE the fact we finally have an UU that cost tons of gold, it has a purpose, being effective only at the wasteful early stages of the game. I’d reprice it however, 170 total res is way too much for these poor stats.
It should be 30 food and 100 gold. I remind you that it’s being made from Castles only.

Regarding the stats, it’s practically a Paladin, just better, ranged units cant abuse hills, especially CA. Less cost efficient, yet the fastest training heavy cavalry in the game which is unique.

I can always try increasing the maximum number of arrows along with it, so that all that garrison space can actually be used for something, and a TC drop in the Imperial Age would be quite cheesy.

Perhaps you are right. I can always increase the unique tech to +30 or even +40 like you said, but I still need something for Castle Age infantry, because they will be totally generic by that point. Or maybe not, considering I seem to be going for an Imperial Age-oriented civ anyway.

You have a point. Since their infantry bonus is overlapped, maybe take it away, make the cav archer bonus a regular civ bonus, and then give them something else as a team bonus? I like the TC bonus and kinda want it to stay a civ bonus.

That’s fair. I didn’t tweak the UTs at all during my revisions.

That’s a good point. I didn’t exactly want them to be a one-trick pony civ, but their cav archers are quite good, so I suppose they wouldn’t be. Their defenses would also be pretty good. I’m open to suggestions.

Maybe Svan Towers to improve towers somehow? Or maybe even make houses fire arrows (LOL, no, that would be overkill).

When I saw you typing and knew how you treated my other ideas, I was afraid you were gonna be super critical, but you were actually quite reasonable. Maybe it’s because I want the Georgians to be the best they can possibly be.

Teutons get +10 garrison capacity in TCs. Its way too similar

Yes and no. Overlaps are allowed as long as these bonuses have diferent advantages and disadvantages. UTs have to be always better (at least on paper) since they are more expdnsive to get.

Tbh this may be fine since the bonus doesnt affect castles but I think it being weaker would make it even better since it would be even more diferent (and Georgians get better univ techs anyway)

Its an objectively worse bonus. I dont think it really belongs to the game.

Would rather make it a civ bonus. But either way they need to have at least FU cavaliers and hussars since otherwise extra attack on cav feels out of place.

Sorry for the negative comments, Im trying to help you improve the design. Some ideas:

Cavalry and infantry civ

Town centers and towers attack 18% faster
Knights +1 attack at castle/imperial age (FU light cav and cavaliers)
Free redemption

Tb: Cav archers and steppe lancers created 25% faster

UT: Khmuli(castles +2000 hitpointa)
Ut: Aznauri Barracks units and light cavalry+30 hp

TungstenBoar and AllergicTable49 already gave you solid feedback.
One the other hand, I think you are onto something with your overall idea. But how about you try to focus on different aspects of the civ? the tower bonus is nice. Maybe complement it with a UT that gives towers bonus damage against siege. Like what boiling oil had against only rams. Or against unique units. That seems a lot more fun than just another cavalry-infantry civ.
Anyway, keep it up with your suggestions and have a nice day.

I’m going to remove it per @AllergicTable49’s feedback. I was trying to rely on it too much for infantry, but I agree that it isn’t unique enough.

I’m going to replace it altogether. Please come back in a few minutes.

You’re good, don’t worry! I’m going to try to be more open to feedback from now on.

Also, I’m going to ignore your revised version for now, because I think you’ll like my new version much more.

Btw, I’d make it apply to the Militia-line only, so it won’t be too similar to Vikings. +40 for Pikes is a little too much. However for Champs it’s solid.
You’re right that they won’t have any Infantry Castle Age bonus, however do they need it?

  1. Infantry isn’t a viable unit to begin with in the mid game, it’s a late game and early game unit.
  2. They have so much other power spikes at this stage, CA with extra damage, Monks, UU…
    So no need to worry.

Yeah sure. This works.

Perhaps a bonus to their Towers, like:
Destroyed Towers give 30% of their cost

It’s quite nice to have in Castle Age, especially when your opponent is slowly destorying your Trush towers, though I’d make it really cheap, the civ has enough stuff in Castle Age, it’s not desperate for an identity/playable feature at this stage. (unlike Japanese for example)

Haha no problem man!
I’m trying to be honest and therefore many times harsh, this time your positively surprised me, it’s actually a great design, despite how gimmickless it may seems.


  • Old team bonus is now a civilization-specific bonus
  • New team bonus: Monks +2 anti-monk armor
  • Khmali replaced with Svan Towers (towers and outposts provide +5 population; towers +3 attack against siege)
  • Aznauri increased to +30 HP

I knew one day I would pull through and prove I can do this. A lot of the other designs were ones I posted with no feedback at all, so I was just going with my gut on how those bonuses would work. I also kind of lack imagination sometimes, so extra heads help. I gathered feedback on the Georgians from both Facebook and the wiki, and now I have feedback from here.

I just updated some things, so you may want to check them out :slight_smile:

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Btw, you could try editing the wiki to add your suggestion
[Hub] Civilization Concepts - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

I’m sure theconqueror and casusincorrabil have it backed up so it should be fine. In any case, maybe you could try leaving a post to inform them of your edit.

I’m not sure how to do that. I’m still relatively new here. Thanks though. I’ll just let them know.