Civilization Idea: Filipinos

The Filipinos represent the various polities and people groups of the Philippines during the late Middle Ages and early modern period. They have the Southeast Asian architecture set, shared with the Burmese, Khmer, and Malay. My vision for them has them introduced in an Oceania expansion that adds a new architecture set, so they do not have a unique castle. Their Wonder is a torogan, ancestral homes lived in by rulers.

Their specialties are ships and gunpowder, like the Portuguese, but significantly more specialized and less flexible. Although horses are not native to the Philippines, they were brought to the islands through trade and colonization, so the Filipinos have basic cavalry options available.

Let’s get into their civilization bonuses.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Town Centers cost -25%

This references how there were many Filipino settlements.

  • Docks and Blacksmiths built 100% faster

As a maritime island society, Filipinos would naturally have a lot of harbors and shipyards to build their ships. One famous Filipino, known as Panday Pira, was a blacksmith.

  • Gunpowder units (except Bombard Towers) heal 25 HP per minute

The Philippines embraced gunpowder weaponry even before Spanish colonization, because the Indonesians and Malaysians introduced them to the islands. Cannon usage was very common in three ways: as field artillery, as part of fortifications, and as weaponry mounted on ships.

  • Loom costs wood instead of gold

This is a reference to traditional Filipino abaca cloth, which is made from banana fiber.

  • Team bonus: Gunpowder units +2 LOS

This is simply a further reference to the gunpowder usage as mentioned earlier.

Unique Unit 1: Bagani

  • This is an infantry unit that reduces the attack rate of nearby enemy units by 25%. The effect has a radius of 4 tiles. I haven’t figured out the unit’s stats yet, but it can cost 50 food and 20 gold.

  • Bagani were a class of warrior leaders of the island of Mindanao. They had total control over the settlements they led, except for the oversight of a council. They also led groups of forty to fifty warriors.

Unique Unit 2: Karakoa

  • This is essentially a stronger version of the Galley line, firing one large cannonball and two smaller cannon shots. It has the same range as the War Galley and Galleon, with 6 and 7 for Elite, and has 8 and 10 attack for the main projectile, while the two additional projectiles each deal only 2 damage. The main shot has 5 damage against both ships and buildings (10 for Elite), but this bonus damage is increased by the bonus. They cost slightly more, at 100 wood and 35 gold, but perform better.

  • The Karakoa was a large outrigger canoe used by Filipino seafarers as a raiding vessel and warship. Initially, it fired only typical projectiles, but Panday Piray, a famous blacksmith, outfitted Karakoas with lantakas, mini swivel cannons.

Unique Techs

Barangay: Villagers and Fishing Ships created 50% faster

  • Cost: 500 food, 350 wood

  • This technology helps improve Villager and Fishing Ship production, which is very useful for growing the economy. Its lack of a gold cost makes it easy to afford in situations where gold is running low and the player needs a strong economy.

  • The reference for this tech is two-fold: the term barangay originally referred to a type of ship, but eventually began to refer to independent, self-sufficient villages. The effect references both usages.

Lantaka: Bombard Cannons, Bombard Towers, Cannon Galleons, and Karakoa fire 50% faster

  • Cost: 750 food, 400 gold

  • The Filipinos do not have Siege Engineers because of their bonus damage increase for gunpowder units, so that bonus and this technology can really help to offset that missing technology (though the range will still be lacking). The technology is expensive, but really pays off in the end, especially since both Siege Rams and Siege Onagers are missing.

  • I mentioned it earlier, but a lantaka was a type of bronze swivel cannon, first used by Indonesians, but then introduced to the Philippines. It was used as field artillery, as part of defenses, or on ships, the latter two being far more common.

Tech Tree

Missing Units: Champion, Eagle line, Arbalester, Elephant Archer, Hussar, Paladin, Camel line, Battle Elephant line, Steppe Lancer line, Siege Ram, Siege Onager, Fast Fire Ship, Heavy Demo Ship.

Missing Techs: Gambesons, Thumb Ring, Parthian Tactics, Redemption, Heresy, Illumination, Block Printing, Theocracy, Hoardings, Plate Barding Armor, Bracer, Architecture, Heated Shot, Siege Engineers, Arrowslits, Stone Shaft Mining, Guilds.

Totally broken, as TCs are balanced around costing stone. Their boom would be way too strong.


Objectively a nerf. You pay the cost of loom without getting it, and then have to pay an additional would cost as well?

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I guess that’s true.

No, it’s not exactly the same. +25% attack is way different from +25% bonus damage, as base attack tends to be lower than bonus damage for gunpowder units. It’s mostly relevant for units like BBCs, Cannon Galleons, and Bombard Towers, where the total damage increase is significantly greater than for the Burgundians. Like I said, it’s different, despite seeming similar.

If I increase it to 50%, would it be better?

I thought about that quite a lot. I’ll probably remove the drawback.

Would a mosque fit as a wonder?The population wasnt islam or converted to islam.

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There isn’t much else that’s fitting. I know it’s a strange choice, but it was that or just some random hut. Everything else is anachronistic. Besides, there was actually a major Muslim population in the Philippines before the Spanish showed up.

Random big hut like this?
Torogan - Wikipedia(%20lit.,datu%20in%20the%20Maranao%20community.

I think I considered that, but rejected it because it wasn’t a specific structure, but more of a general one. Wonders are typically based on specific structures.

I have an idea for a new Town Center bonus to replace the current one, which is really broken.

  • Town Centers and houses cost -25%

This is basically a combination of the Briton and Bulgarian bonuses, but worse, and with a boost to house construction as well. It’s certainly a derivative bonus, but is different enough to make it unique, I feel.

As for the gunpowder bonus damage increase, maybe I’ll increase that to +50% so it isn’t so close to the Burgundian bonus.

25% cheaper TC isn’t necessarily worse than both brit and Bulgar bonuses. Sure its different enough that i wouldnt judge it and for the respective resources in question it’s worse but you save both so that’s technically not a bad thing.

Yeah, that’s my thought too. In terms of individual resources saved, it’s worse than both, but it’s actually better because you save a bit of both. Plus, houses are easier to afford.

I dunno that that’s true. In early castle age, the main limiting factor is just resources. That said, I don’t really think the bonus would be very significant. It is basically some free stone in castle age, which isn’t terrible but also isn’t particularly great.

As for the original idea, it’s a civ, but it doesn’t particularly seem to do anything too unique or interesting. We already have civs with cheaper TCs, with more damaging gunpowder, with faster building villagers/fishing ships. When i play this civ, what is there about it to make me excited and interested?

As a civ that’s truly based on being on the water, I’d like to see some really unique water bonuses. Something crazy, like…

  • Fishing Ships can garrison one villager, which can gather food from deep sea fish, dropping off at docks when the fishing ship returns to drop off.

or maybe

  • Fishing ships can build docks.

Something like that.

Of course, they need to be effective on land too, and right now, they seem much too focused on water and would probably be a bottom-tier civ on land maps. Gunpowder units are fine, but they have far too many hard counters to be effective on their own. Based on the bonuses you’ve given them, I’d expect them to get wiped out in the early game, long before they have a chance to utilize their largely castle/imp-based strengths.

I’m thinking of having a bonus where a particular trait of gunpowder units changes a set amount for every Blacksmith technology researched, as a reference to Panday Pira being a blacksmith.

Isnt this the same as fishing boat carrying more fish?

New bonus idea:

  • Gunpowder units heal +2% HP per minute for every Blacksmith technology researched

This replaces the other gunpowder bonus for extra bonus damage, which was similar to the Burgundian bonus.

With 13 technologies available to the Filipinos, a total of 26% of a gunpowder unit’s HP is healed per minute. For HCs, that’s ~10 HP/minute, ~21 HP/minute for BBCs, ~31 HP/minute for Cannon Galleons (39 for Elite), ~46 for Elite Karakoas (which have 175 HP), and ~577/minute for Bombard Towers.

The historical inspiration for this bonus is the work of Panday Pira, a blacksmith who opened a foundry and cast cannons at the request of Rajah Sulayman.

But later in the game, you can put TCs literally everywhere, and defend your entire economy for a ridiculously low investment.

Well, that’s all moot, because I’m gonna change the bonus, as outlined earlier in the post.

I’m curious what you think of my new bonus idea.

I’m not a fan. I don’t like how it’s percentage based, as there’s nothing else like that (and seeing 2% feels like a super low value), but more importantly, it’s basically useless. When going for gunpowder, you literally need only the archer armor upgrades, and that’s only for HC. Even if you also get the archer attack, it’s a negligible amount of healing.

That’s unfortunate. What do you suggest as a gunpowder bonus?

What if fishing ships had a weak attack?

That doesn’t feel like it fits the theme. I want a gunpowder bonus.