Civilization Overview: The United States [Aussie Drongo]

Hi guys,

I don’t post here much, but figured you’d probably like the 15 part video series I just finished on the most recent addition to the definitive edition of Age Of Empires 3, the United States.


He defended the US civ vigorously on Reddit before they were confirmed as if he didn’t know, and then he reveals he was a shill who was in on it the whole time. Go figure.


What are you talking about lol? This is my reddit account. Not once did I defend the United States. Great troll 10/10


Guess it must have been Fitzbro then. My mistake.


Thank you for sharing.

There is sadly a bit of negativity on the whole USA thing, but this is obviously none of your fault and I can appreciate the quality of the content you are creating.

well done!


Honestly most of the hate is only present on the forums here. Join any of the discords and people are significantly more positive. I hear the reddit thread is also way more positive as well. I have also noticed it seems to only be the same handful of people who complain about everything else that are the loud ones.


I know bro, I am sure that at this point the developers do not even read the threads of this forum, it is full of haters who do not contribute absolutely anything and only shout orders that what they want be done

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US civilization has caused a certain degree of chaos here on both steam and reddit.
If players pay for this game, they have the right to complain, even if the development team doesn’t care.
A fair judgment should have positive and negative opinions.Please stop satirize about negative opinions

  1. The chaos is literally only caused by a handful of people who do not speak for the entire community.
  2. Players can complain all they want, however it is not our game, it is the devs game and if they want to add new content then that is fine.
  3. Clearly the dev team cares because they take the time to balance the game and add new content for us. Look at the last few patches, they have been awesome and very heavily community inspired (China buff being the most stand out one).
  4. Yes, having both positive and negative opinions is good. What actually matters though is constructive criticism, I have yet to see that from people on here though.
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Constructive criticism: Are there any changes in revolutions? Otherwise the whole concept of revolutions is broken by US addition. The meaning was “you can become a new nation by revolting against your European overlord”.

Secondly, how does US fit into the first lets say 1-3 ages. I like when any game makes sense although the game does not need to be 100% historically accurate (it cant be, thats ok). But here we are moving into a field of fantasy…

I tell you what does make sense to me. A player start as a European nation (any of them basically), he plays with its cards and units until age 3. There he would have revolution option. Either he continues into age 4 and 5 or he revolts and picks US. A architecture style of already built building remains the same but the style of newly built ones is set to US. All cards are swapped for US cards (there must be some kind of adjustment for already sent cards), the same for units. He is allowed to continue into ages 4 and 5. That makes sense and its is a clean solution in my opinion.


In Age of Empires 3 the Ages don’t really represent Ages.
The available units don’t get more modern.
Spain will still train Melee Infantry in Age 5 while already having Musketeers in Age 2.
A lot of technologies and units are anachronistic if you try to think of the Ages in AoE3 as different historic periods.

Some Civilisations like Germany are designed around the 100 years war (about 1650) while India or the Lakota are very clearly 19th century.
Some civilisations are anachronistic mixes like the British with their Longbows and Musketeers. Muskets were starting to be used around the time of the 100 years war while this is also the time they stopped using Longbows.
Some units are even worse like Halberdiers are a Age 3 units implying they are more modern but in reality they were replaced by Pikeman and than by Musketeers.

The first 3 Ages in AoE3 are clearly not named after historical periods.

The USA as a civilisation is not any more anachronistic than basically any existing civilisation in AoE3.

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And if ages are meaningless why not to add cannons in Age 1 to make rushes “fun”?

Plus, you did not deal with my first point and my proposal/vision.

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What they were saying is not that ages are meaningless but rather taking them to literally represent historical periods is not quite correct. Cannons not being available in age 1 is probably 98% due to balance. No one wants the game to end in 5 minutes because some one built cannons in age 1 and ended the game.

I don’t know if you know this but Exploration/Discovery Age were definitely a thing and USA is the only civ in the game not to have been around in it.

I can tell you for sure that the game isn’t really supposed to start in 1776, that would mean the game is only spanning 80 years.


Yes, and now the USA can annex Delaware faster than Cortéz can bring up Cannon to fight the Aztecs.

They gave all Euros a 900 Food Age Up that could reasonably be justified at 800 Food like all the others, but USA gets a 700 Food Age Up, and a Fortress Age Up that makes Industrial free and Imperial cost almost halved.


Ages are basically the development state of the your colony/base.
Historically Falconets and Culverins were around before Muskets.

I have to agree that Revolutions need a rework but I assume they gonna get one because there is no way they gonna allow two different USAs to exist in the game.

Go back to history class.

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But he is right :slight_smile: Dont be ugly to him :slight_smile:


people at large are still not happy about the choice on discord, esp among the usual gang.

I love it. I don’t understand where all the hate is coming from though. I think it looks awesome and game changing, and and we are getting African civs later? technical issues aside, game looks to have an amazing future. this is the type of stuff I wanted out of de.

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the thing people are mad about is that the US is like the least fitting faction in a game that has like 10 other options, id much rather have wanted persians or european civs than america.