Civilization upgrade

Dear Xbox Game Studios Team Members,

I’m a big fan of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition game and I would like to share an idea with you about what units look like in different civilizations. While the game offers a wide variety of units for each civilization, I’ve noticed that many of them look the same regardless of their cultural background.

In particular, Japanese civilization seems to have units that do not accurately reflect its culture.I would suggest that you consider an update to unit appearances to more accurately reflect each civilization’s styles and cultures. This would make the game more immersive and authentic.

For example, instead of having the same European units for Japanese civilization, it would be great to see units that are more distinctly Japanese. This can include samurai, ninjas, archers and other units that are more representative of Japanese culture.

I understand that this change may require significant effort, but I’m sure it would be worth it to improve the players’ experience and make the game even more authentic. Also, I believe many fans would be happy to see their cultures more accurately represented.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my suggestion.

Yours sincerely,

Guilherme marques elias


Regional unit skins. One BIG constraint to make it viable : despite the visual differences, units should remain quickly identifiable. For example the pikeman is mainly covered with a white surcoat, that colour scheme should remain the same for every culture group (+ carrying a big pointy stick but it would continue doing so no matter the regional style). The halberdier has a much darker armour scheme.

There also should be an ingame option to turn that on or off. I want this feature, but not everyone does (notably to keep units easy to identify).


Changing the outfits of units, respecting the culture of each civilization, should not harm gameplay. If that were the case, Civilization 6 would not make use of this mechanic.


It’s trickier than in Civ. With the exception of some fast multiplayer games, you have all the time you want in Civ to identify units. AOE2 is real-time you need to react quickly, so you shouldn’t have to waste 10 seconds wondering what this new unit is.

Also there are more units in AOE than in civ. For the classical, medieval and renaissance eras in Civ 6 I counted 13 non-unique land military units in Civ 6.

For AOE2… even ignoring regional units so only the standard lineup, it’s 36. Yes yes both sides count siege that’s very easy to identify, ignoring it we’re still 10 vs 25 for infantry archers and cavalry (also counted the monk for AOE2). So more than 2x as many units while you only have a couple seconds to identify enemy units, and counter them accordingly.


We dont need a complete overhaul of all units for every civ. We have had these units for over 20 years. A complete overhaul will make it a completely different game experience.


Yup. That’s why, if it’s done, it should be optional.


Yes, it’s what I always consider inferior to AoE 2 with AoE 3, that all the units are the same despite being completely different regions…at least if there was an option to add skins it would be a bit more realistic and more attractive… For example, I put the skin of the musketeers on the cannoners and the Venetian masks on the battering rams… in addition to changing the skins on the farms…

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I don’t know the problem with these skins. Starcraft 2 is an even more fast-paced game, and they implemented a lot of skins for every unit amd building, even allowing you to combine skins from different skin sets.
But I agree you should be able to only see the vanilla ones if you want.


You just made the she thread for the 3rd time?

Have you checked the [poll] Cosmetic DLC thread yet?
Talking about exactly that issue.

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It’s a good source of money that they still did not used yet. They could release an skin pack for one Civ every month and they would have years of content to release.

OF COURSE, they need an option to disable enemies skins so it does not impact gameplay.

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what is the point of buying a skin if only himself can see it

Having a greater historical accuracy ? NOT forcing it on others leave the option of keeping the old-fashioned look instead of the risk of being confused about how units look. This game is not some mobile game.

Now, selling civ-by-civ would feel petty. if they do some packs like that it should at least be regional packs, especially as you wouldn’t expect a lot of difference on how nearby units look. Look at Western Europe, the main difference between Frankish, Britton, Burgundian and Teutonic units would probably be some slight variation in how weapons look (give a glorious zweihander to the teutonic champion, while another can have a warhammer for example…), and heraldry on the armour.


So the game can look better…?

Do people only buy skins to boast?


So it would seem… hence why some CSGO knife skins sell for more, than what would cost IRL to have it machined in solid steel…