Clean AOE2 cloud

Hi !

Can someone explain me how I can clean my cloud ?

I deleted all the save games and still my cloud is full 99,5%… How can I access to the cloud ?



Did you also delete some replays? Because replays also use up the cloud, not just save games.

If I delete all savegames and replays, my cloud is stuck at about 80%. There is no way to see which files are inside the cloud.

It’s just another rushed, badly implemented feature.

At least you know, if someone has a long loading time, or dropped while loading. Because if your cloud is full, you get an error extra message in the loading screen, that the autosave on disconnect can’t be saved. Kappa.


I deleted all… Still it’s full and I have error message which makes me crash like next post told (unfamous)

Afaik you don’t crash, you just get the information that someone else has crashed, because the file on crash cannot be stored in the cloud.

If the cloud is not full, there is no way to know if someone has crashed, except wait multiple minutes until you are ingame.

Anyway, i don’t know how to free the cloud space.

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I’m having the same problem. The only way I can find to delete them is one by one, from the load game screen.

Even with Steam Cloud turned off, it is still saving to the cloud, and still giving me error messages when my cloud storage is full.

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So as I understand there is no solution and we must play forever with these error messages ? or it is a bug must be posted in bug forum ?

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There is no official way to click somewhere and free up the space, or disable the cloud.
Also no workaround exists so far.
So there is no solution right now.


I think the fact it can’t be turned off is a bug, since the way you’re supposed to be able to turn it off in the game’s settings on Steam doesn’t work (for me at least). But the difficulty deleting saves and the error messages that can’t be disabled are just bad design.


So there is an unofficial way ? When you are in the middle of a fight you get double error message and it becomes a real problem

No there is not an unofficial way. If you find one, tell me pls.

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I posted here. But still no answer No space on the cloud


try to check your aoe2 steam userdata folder WHILE having the game open

its located in Steam\userdata/your-steam-id/813780/remote

try to see if any save games are there. Delete those games while having the game open. If you delete while game isn’t open it will not work since cloud will redownload them. anyways after deleting them, relaunch game and see if they will appear again. I think that will solve cloud problem


Thank you I will try this evening !

Bonjour à vous,

Je vous laisse ici quelques actions personnelles sur ce sujet du cloud en manque d’espace. C’est de la bidouille, hein, mais j’arrive maintenant à jouer sans être embêté par ces messages super pénible. Je suis sur XBOX.

1°)Vider les 2 onglets du menu parties enregistrées (sans passer par le répertoire), surtout l’onglet gauche.


Alors ici on ne perd pas ses raccourcis clavier, mais j’ai remarqué que les MOD et certaines options graphiques partent en cacahouette. A vous de reparamétrer tout ça.

3°) Ne surtout pas stopper la fenetre de synchronisation au lancement du jeu. Comptez 10 minutes pour que cette fenetre disparaisse. (ya même une barre de progression qui apparait au bout de 3 minutes)


Et voilà, je suis à 95.56 sur mon cloud, et ça a l’air de ne plus bouger…

(je fais beaucoup de partie 4vs4 en elo)


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Did meanwhile someone figured out how to free up the cloud space?

Guys, I found this gem!

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vous n’auriez pas trouvé le même pour xbox par hasard ?

for xbox profile, do the same tool exist ?