-Cleaned- Random Map Script Pack

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Shared changes to balance
  • Militia Gold Cost 20 -> 5.
  • Man-at-Arms Gold Cost 20 -> 10.
  • Long Swordsman Gold Cost 20 -> 15.

-cleaned- 6217

Map description
  • On Tiny map size the battle arena is about 80x80 tiles instead of 120x120.
  • A straggler tree with 32k wood yield.
  • A gold pile with almost no gold yield next to the TC.
  • Boar food yield slightly increased.
  • Sparse and wild stone/gold are with reduced yields (the player generated gold/stone is hidden among the piles with reduced yields most of the time).

-cleaned- 7734

Map description

A fusion, patched together by shoddy workmanship and horrible intentions. Players start in the middle (similar to Border Dispute) surrounding a small body of water with fish laying about more than plentiful. Each corner has land perpetually stuck in a certain climate/season (however you wish to perceive it) with a slight change to the resources it has to offer. Players are separated from those areas by a desolate wasteland that has not much besides hungry wolves. Additional lakes, ponds, puddles and springs occur near resource areas, middle and players.

  • The resource stockpile has been modified for map generated items (except the fish).
  • Starting resources are increased by the cost of one Town Centre.

__________________1v1/TG (prescribed)
-cleaned- Buckle

Map description

A player-friendly map with a very close range starting resources with a fairly wallable position. The players find themselves surrounding a mangrove forest being at the maximum distance from each other. Conflict for the mangrove is inevitable as it is teeming with life and has plenty of resources to offer.

  • Predators and Relics spawn in the Mangrove.
  • Player assigned resources spawn in the Jungle around. Map assigned resources spawn in the Mangrove and/or Jungle.

__________________1v1/TG (12121212)
-cleaned- Incas

Map description

A rich seam in the Andes has attracted you and others, securing it could be pivotal in controlling this resourceful region. With avenue into the Amazon rainforest and through the Atacama desert onto the Pacific Ocean. Choose your first expansion carefully as resources in each area can leave you lacking in some.

  • Clearing nearby shrubs can uncover much needed resources for the future conquest.
  • Relics are restricted to the Atacama desert.
  • Birds prey on the schools of fish that roam near the shores of Atacama Desert — both an outstanding prey for an expanding empire.

-cleaned- Pillaged Village
-c-pillaged village

Map description

These are truly Dark Ages, troubled times indeed, as the to be Master of Guilds got shot with a volley of flaming arrows in the town's forum. Obviously he was prepared for an assassination attempt, but protecting himself from fire had slipped his mind, as no dagger or arrow tip would have pierced through a mithril tunic or leggings that were hidden under a flamboyant fluffy robe. The crowd was shocked and dispersing only to destroy everything in their path. The Master of Guilds was pumping with adrenaline and made a fierce dash towards the stalls in the forum, while panicking peasants and escaping electorates demolished an oil stall with their grand getaway. The now boiling hot and nerveous Master of Guilds tossed his burning body into a textile stall without hesitation and hoping to rid himself of the fire. An important sidenote is that the demolished oil stall situated right next to the textile stall, thus feeding the flames was inevitable and any chance by the burning body to extinguish himself was of no avail. And so the Master of Guilds unknowingly tried rolling himself into a rug sausage, but as he splatted to the oily textile his own robes went blazing. With screams of agony the man collapsed leaving the forum to be the fire's domain. The fleeing crowd had no time to give attention to putting out the flames and so it had room to grow and even a chance to spread to other parts of the town. One can imagine what was to follow...

As a member of the group who plotted against the elections you scrambled out of the town with as much fortune and valour you could muster. None of the members anticipated this outcome, the town is burnt down, you have yet to see it for yourself, but rumours have it that the Guild of Goldsmiths bought all the water to guard themselves and perhaps something else may have remained intact. You know that the only one thing to be done is to cease control at all costs and become the Master of Guilds, some of the highborn of the plotters may resist your claim, for this they must be eviscerated!

A safe distance from the town you stumbled upon a Guild of Woodworkers outpost and the obvious choice was to rent it to your cause with a hefty sum of money. Some rabble have also been following you around for two days now, they do know you are wealthy, perhaps they can be put to good use. Definitely could use someone to scout out the area here, the Guild of Grocers probably had their livestock run amok, so finding a few sheep should not be a problem at all. Oh, yes, it is time to take most of this disaster and make a name for yourself.

  • Passive trickle of 100 Wood per minute.

DISCLAIMER: The expectations generated by your own mind or the story may not be compatible with the capabilities of that are generated by the written script or the game engine and/or modifications.

Other mods
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Old Haystacks

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Two random map scripts added to the pack.

__________________1v1/TG (12121212)
-c- Pampa del Tamarugal
-wdc- Pampa del Tamarugal

Map description
  • A region inside the Atacama desert that has acquired itself a name from a hardy plant that used to cover this vast area. The tamarugo is a bushy tree (felt fitting to use the bush forest for that regard, though it can grow up to 15 metres tall) which manages to persist in one of the most toughest climates of the world. Managing to grow without the benefit of rainfall and even growing on saline soils the tamarugo gets it share of water from dew or absorbing it from the atmosphere and deep groundwater with the help of extremely long-reaching roots.
  • The tree has been vital for the ecosystem with its produce and leaves. For us humans, a source of wood so important that it was almost cut to extinction in the 19th century. Since then there has been effort to replant the tamarugo in increasing numbers to sustain the needs of humans and the wild. Its remarkable traits have caused much interest in the tamarugo, thus causing cultivation of it in countries of different climates entirely.

__________________1v1/TG (prescribed)
-c- Valley of Balls
-wdc- valley of balls

Map description
  • Inside an unforgiving clay desert lies a valley littered with mysterious round balls, perfectly shaped and alien in their entirety. Perhaps there is treasure inside? Time to crack one open wide! The Valley of Balls situates inside the Ustyurt Plateau with its remnants of times past. The clay desert expands and the lifegiving Aral Sea nearby declined now. What once was is lost, but the Ustyurt Nature Reserve tries to give a bigger picture of the surrounding areas before the man-made disaster.
  • A land of semi-desert filled with clay, steppes and sparse shrubbery with a resemblance to Mediterranean climate. The plateau giving abundant ground for saiga and other hardy horned mammals to roam. Cluttered by elevation shifts, depressions and pillars alike that offer the grazers a refuge from potential wolves or jackals that also frequent here.