Closed Beta Info, please read!

Hey everybody!

With the news that the closed beta will be starting today we have gotten a rush of people signing up for the Insider Program in hopes of a chance in the beta! Welcome everyone, I hope you enjoy our forums!

I have also gotten a LOT of messages telling me that you’ve signed up for the program, and asking when you should expect to get entry into the beta, so I wanted to post a reminder here to let all our new users know how the beta and insider program works.

Signing up does NOT guarantee entry into the beta. After you sign up and confirm your email you will receive a survey (they are usually sent out on Fridays) after you fill out that survey, and complete a DXDiag your information will be put in our database of potential beta testers, and will be available for us to choose if it fits the needs of our current beta testing phase. who “fits” will depend on several factors from the type of computer you play on, to your past video game experience. For more info please see the excerpt from our FAQ below:

Q: When do I find out if I have been chosen to take part in the closed beta?
A: The closed beta will take part in several phases. At the beginning of each phase, we will identify Age Insiders that best fit our research needs and send those Age Insiders an invitation via email; that email will have instructions for accessing the beta build and providing feedback. We will announce each round of invites on our Facebook, Twitter, and Official Forums, so keep your eye out! If you don’t receive an invitation, you haven’t been selected for that beta phase. But don’t despair–more phases are on their way, so you may still get your chance, and there are still plenty of ways to participate in the Age of Empires community in the meantime!

Q: How can I improve my chances of being selected for future testing phases of the game?
A: First and foremost, we use the data from the Age of Empires Insider Program sign-up survey to help us select players. We’re looking to bring in a range of different kinds of players, with different kinds of PCs, so there’s no “right” way to answer the survey. Beyond that, we’re looking for Age Insiders who can provide meaningful feedback to our development team. Two ways our team can evaluate that are by monitoring who’s active in our forum, and who completes the surveys we send as part of our Age Insider mails. While neither will guarantee inclusion in a testing phase, both are helpful to us in evaluating who might be a good fit for our current testing phase in order to create the best game we possibly can.

Read the Full FAQ here.

Read the Insider Program Guidelines and NDA here.

Please let me, @snickerdoodle , @Robeyone , or any of our awesome VCMs know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you so much, now I can sleep, Greetings from Mexico City

Awesome, so exiting - thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Sounds awesome, ive been waiting for this for a long time!

Good to know. Excited to play this game again knowing that I won’t upset my mother by tying up the dial-up modem all day.

Thx for the explanation! I’ll be waiting for the surveys anxiously!

thanks for the info, looking forward to receive the survey… guess no option to receive it in Spanish, right? :*

I can’t wait :slight_smile:

cant waittt greatings form italy

Thank you, and patience guys!

Thank you fro the update! I look forward to seeing an email should one show up in my inbox. If not I am anxiously waiting for October 19th.

Thank you for the update! B) :#

Greetings from Turkey, We’re wonder the Ottoman Empire and ready to support you in our country…

Good job mates, god bless you…

Waiting for it , i have multiple PC’s so should I include information of both ?


I have missed this game so much. Let get this thing going!!!

I am so excited for Age of Empires 4. I literally grew up playing 1-3! :slight_smile:

Looks really exciting I can’t wait for this release…

OK than the only thing we can do is waithing. :slight_smile: