Colorblind mode

Hey all,

It’s just a litle point but … i am colorblind and would like to play the game at his full potential (i am a huge fan since the first one). Sometimes we ask me to attack the red one … and i don’t know who he is…

Is it possible to fix for colorblind people the color of the ennemi (just for them) or to put a number for each player, this number should be seen on the map ?

Or just fix the ennemi team in red and our in different colors


I have good news for you, I think. I saw this photo in the news 1.5 weeks ago regarding Relic Entertainment unveiling/moving to their new building. Take a look at the presentation slide that’s showing here :slight_smile:

That indicates they’re proactively thinking about color blindness, anyways.

I’m not colorblind, but I’ve always wanted a lot more color choices in AoE then the very small number that are there. There are several forms of color blindness, so I’ve wondered if the limited number of colors and contrasts to choose from has negatively impacted colorblind players.

That’s an interesting point about if someone refers to the “Red enemy”. Maybe there could be a hotkey you could press to signify the color’s name next to the player’s name, or a player number, as you suggest. Then again, does pressing F4 and just viewing/referring to the players by name in the lower-right (e.g., Otto the Great, or Duke of Normandy) make the player number suggestion you have moot, since that player could just be referred to by name?

PS: AoE2:HD (2013) at some point made it so you can’t even change the AI’s colors to whatever you want without tricky maneuvers. For example, in a 2 vs. 2AI match, you now have to make the computer players be players #5 and #8 if you like those colors, instead of #3 and #4. This issue should be fixed, in my opinion. (I’m pretty sure that up until a couple years ago, you could select the enemy player’s colors just by clicking through the colors in the color selector box as you do for human players.)

Thankfully, AoE2:DE lets you more easily change enemy colors, but it’s still a very limited color palette to choose from. As a non-colorblind player, I should at least have access to hundreds, thousands, if not millions of colors to choose from in single player and unranked multiplayer matches between friends; like through the use of a Photoshop color wheel and brightness slider, or something. There are so many neat colors I can think of that I want to see and play with. And if this interferes with the mini-map colors, so be it… but there are ways around it or to mitigate it.


Age 2 DE has it, Gears 5 has it (and many more recently published MS games), so there is 99.99% chance AgeIV will have it too. Microsoft is doing a lot of good actions lately, starting with the Adaptive Controller, so no worries, I will be playing and beating you online in Age IV!!!


Ahh, yes, that’s right. I forgot AoE2:DE has it. Here’s a screenshot. See lower-left area; and description in lower-right. Although, the description is hard to read; maybe incorrect. Should the word “in” be removed after “Protanopia”? Seems hard to read…


I have friends with the same problem so I hope you all can get a good developed colorblind mode!