Colors for the Icons

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I think the icons from the buildings, techs and units are good. But I would find it better if the colors were not all gold. This makes it difficult to distinguish the icons. I think it would be a small thing to adjust only the colors. For example they could make a house brown. It would also look less sterile than if everything was gold.

What is your opinion about that?

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I miss the previous style of having specific icons for everything. Made things so much more recognizable and tapping that juicy button for a Siege Onager upgrade or something just felt different.

Atm I don’t have enough awareness to even distinguish the blacksmith icons fast enough, “OK some archer attack increase maybe”.

Having at least a color change for tiers would be better than nothing, just for recognizability. Bronze/Silver/Gold for +1/+2/+3, and the veteran/elite levels, idk.


I actually like the general aesthetic of the UI and the icons, but I gotta say a tasteful visual cue like this would be a great way to make some of these upgrades more obvious at a glance.