⌛ COMING SOON! Age of Empires II: DE October Update!

Hello everyone! We’re kicking off the week with a special preview of this week’s Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition update from our own BBQTurkman:

More details on the way later this week; have a great start to yours!


So this one will include new balance changes?
Fingers crossed for no Teutons and Lithuanians changes :crossed_fingers:
And still hoping for Turks, Bulgarians, Koreans and Portuguese buffs and Khmer and Chinese nerfs.

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I agree that the Khmer should be nerfed. The way they can be nerfed is by removing their Onager, Cavalry Archer, and Parthian Tactics.

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Is this all we get? Two to three fixes every month? I know we demand a lot and AOE3 DE is going on right now but I really hope there will be bigger updates in the future. The events are a nice gimmick but they don’t really add something useful to the game. I hope we will see some balance changes, new game modes and content (paid DLCs?) in the future.

Nevertheless, thank you for the update and the ongoing support.


Is a DE why they will consider to add new DLCs? you can add some content for free by that updates.

Regional architecture/unit DLCs or new campaigns would be cool for example. Why should they do it for free? Selling DLCs would finance further development.


Hmmm in that preview they appear a lots of BBC plus the aoe3 HC… Arquebus finally fixed?

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That one is the Musketeer and is the heavy infantry with multiplier vs cavalry in melee.

Yay the fog of war issue is finally being fixed

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Please also fix the reported scneario editor and trigger bugs. For the example the broken display timer trigger effect.

Thanks a lot.

the hand cannoner skin are nice i need this


Do we still get balance changes, right?

Tbh the wheelbarrow fix will have more of an impact than most balance changes would


Only against khmer and vikings. Won’t affect the balance between other civs. Besides, balance changes are still needed

Some of devs said Quartly Update in Oct. Oh man…! What did u do guys ^^?


Please fix the damn Cavalry Archers huge frame delay! And a little buff to their low base accuracy too.

This is affecting a lot of civs that are currently with negative winrates but could have viable strategies with Cavalry Archers on castle age to help them.
The unit is decent only with post-imperial upgrades for pretty much any civ besides Huns…

(PS: probably will need to nerf Huns cost bonus to compensate buffs to CAs).

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What is the meaning of immediately benefiting from wheelbarrow? Is that auto researched as tracking in DE? Does it have zero research time (so I just pay for the cost)?

Scenario Editor is still laggy time to time.

In the video it says fixed the problem that sometimes taking a stone pile only get 349 stone
Do you also fixed the same problem for wood? I think this is more important (on water map dark age, when you have to chop nearby wood, you randomly get 99,100,101 wood if there are more than 1 villagers chopping it)

A way they can be nerfed is removing their elephants if you are at it. What about more changes that are good and not actually changes just to nerf them as much as possible without removing any singe tech.

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